Our Team

Michael Arnstein

Michael Arnstein

Sponsor and Administrative Admin

Michael Arnstein has been following a fruitarian diet since January 2008.

Well known in the extreme sport of ultra-running, Michael has pushed his physical limits to prove how far you can go on fruit.

His love for his new found health and wellness inspired him to create the Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2010.

Michael assists in guiding festival's policy, promotion and financial security in its goals to become a leading event in the world of health and wellness.

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Yuliya Yakhontova

Yuliya Yakhontova

Fruit Festival Director

Yuliya's strongest passion is personal growth and self-development in all areas of life and constantly pushing and questioning our perceived limits. She had discovered and embraced a raw vegan lifestyle in June 2002. After falling in love with and living in New York City for over 13 years, she recently moved to Hilo, Hawaii in pursuit of Sun, Nature, Fruit and Coconuts. Yuliya loves hiking, running, climbing coconut trees, preparing low fat raw vegan dishes, spending time with cats, juicing sugar cane, hunting for fruit, sleeping in the open air, practicing yoga and sitting meditation.

Yuliya has been with the Woodstock Fruit Festival from the day when the idea first came into existence. She gives thanks daily for an opportunity to serve that couldn't be more aligned with her core values.

Yuliya is coordinating the overall organizational and financial structure of the festival.

Anne Osborne

Anne Osborne

Registrations, Work Exchange and Schedule Manager, and Fruit Festival Artist

Anne has been on the Fruit Diet for over 25 years, and raised two happy and healthy children on this diet.

The fruit diet makes great sense to her on many levels - ethically, environmentally, anatomically, health-wise and spiritually. It is important to her to help sharing the wonders of the fruit diet, as well as its the sense and rationality. Anne had her book, 'Fruitarianism - The Path To Paradise', published in English in 2009, and in Italian in 2011. She thinks the way we eat and grow our fruit is vital in helping our planet to heal and be healthy.

Anne loves walking, beaches, rainforests, kitties, vintage 50's frocks, playing, dancing, music, and fruit! She lives with her younger son Cappi on the Sunshine Coast, Queeensland, Australia.

Anne joined the festival team in 2011. Currently her work consists of selecting the Work Exchange Volunteers, organizing the Schedule, working on registrations, and liaising with the Presenters. She very much appreciates being able to help promote the Fruitarian diet by being a part of the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Jillian Stenzel

Jillian Stenzel

Content Writer and Social Media Manager

Jillian is a globe-trotting, salsa-dancing, mountain-climbing, fruit and veggie fiend. She discovered her passion for fruit while traveling around Asia in 2015, taking the plunge to go 100% raw in 2018 after moving to Iraqi Kurdistan. It was there Jillian fell in love with her all-time favorite fruit — figs — and discovered just how many she could eat in one sitting. (hint: it's a lot!)

After witnessing the transformative power of raw foods on her health and reversing her autoimmune disease, Jillian was quick to follow the Woodstock Fruit Festival on social media to connect with other raw vegans and fruit lovers around the world. In 2019, she became WFF's content writer and social media manager. She loves the opportunity to use her writing, marketing and content creation background to help a cause she is truly passionate about.

"When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality"

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Our Vision

Imagine a World

Where it is common knowledge that a fruit based diet provides wondrous health and vitality.

Where 'fast food fruit stands' and fresh fruit markets are on every city block.

Where fitness centers, dance & yoga schools, salt water swimming pools, and creative art centers are thriving and full of healthy athletic people.

Where fruit trees are everywhere: in backyards, on city streets, anywhere where land is suitable, fruit is free for the picking.

Where cold climate cities create greenhouses to grow local fruit and vegetables no matter the weather.

Where the word 'organic' isn't used much because everything is organic and natural.

Where modern science and technology work together to create a sustainable world.

Where children are born for a future of joy and health.

Imagine people living lighter, happier, compassionately, creatively, authentically, in harmony.

By Launching The Woodstock Fruit Festival We Aspire:

To Provide An Opportunity

for people following a fruit based diet to meet in the real world and exchange their dreams, aspirations, and vision with each other.

To Encourage

the Natural Health Pioneers to come forth and share their experience and understanding with the next generation.

To Become A Stronger Voice

united in a group, raising the global awareness of the environmental and health potential of the fruit based diet.