Why Donate?

Today we all have to take charge of our health, happiness and future for us and for our children. The Woodstock Fruit Festival is a non-profit organization created with the vision of bringing together like-minded individuals who have the courage and determination to become Pioneers in Health.

We aspire to build a community that will expand and educate people all over the world and to work towards the day when the benefits of the fruit-based diet will be common knowledge. With this in mind we strive to keep our admission fees as low as possible in order to make the event affordable for most and still bring in quality produce, but in doing so we just barely cover our costs. This is why donating is a key factor in making sure that the festival remains in a good financial status. For a detailed breakdown of our budget click here.

This year more than ever we are trying to obtain more sponsorships and hopefully the need for peoples' donations will be lessened, though we are not there yet and as a non profit organization the need for donations will most likely always be.

We would love for you to come to the festival and support it as a paying attendee, though we know not everyone can attend for various reasons, so the second best way to support of the festival is by donating.

Donating gives you a way to be part of the fruit festival, by helping it grow, helping others and spreading the message that is so needed. Donating also helps assure that the festival will be there for years to come, allowing the chance for you, your family and friends to hopefully attend one day.

You can contribute any amount, service or product you can afford. All donors will be publicly recognized and your donation will be displayed below (unless you choose to keep it private, just let us know your preference :). Join us in becoming a founding member and take part in building the Woodstock Fruit Festival!


The Woodstock Fruit Festival is a non-profit.


Attention Donors: Please be patient with our admin staff, your name and donation amount might not appear on this page for several days, we are very busy, we appreciate your patience and donations to the cause!

If you have any questions or comments contact Michael Lanigan


Ways to Donate

Donate by Mail:
Make a check payable to:
The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Mail to:
The Woodstock Fruit Festival
6 East 45TH ST 20th Floor
NEW YORK NY 10017-2401 USA

Donate through PayPal

Just click on the big heart :)

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