How do I sign up for the festival?

Please refer to our page Registration Page.


How do I pay?

You can pay in full via Paypal on Registration page. If you would like to set up a payment plan, please email us at WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com.


How can I contact you?

Email: WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com


When is the festival?

Sunday August 20th to Sunday August 27th, 2017.


How can a family with kids afford the festival?

We would like to bring as many families with children to the festival as possible. Children are our future and it is vitally important to expose them to the environment where eating whole raw fruits and vegetables is the norm. We are expanding and improving our Kids Activities Program (updates are coming soon!). By bringing your children to the Woodstock Fruit Festival you might just sow some seeds that will affect their entire life.

To make it realistic for a family with several kids to afford the festival here are the different options.

Children under 3 are free when camping and free if staying in a cabin and sleeping with a parent (not taking an extra bed, if taking a separate bed it is $595).

The fee for kids 3-9 years old, when camping, is $195.
The fee for kids aged 10-15, when camping, is is $495.

Children staying in a cabin pay a reduced rate of $595 (have to take a separate bed).

Camping is an excellent option for families with children who are on a budget where no additional bed fees are charged for kids under 3, and we  have reduced rates for children 3-15; and adults (16+) get $100 camping discount. For pricing look on the Registration page.


What is the minimum age requirement for the kids to attend the festival without a parent or a guardian and to volunteer for the event?

16 years of age.


What Daytime Activities will be available for my children?

Having families attend and catering to their needs is a very important focus for the Woodstock Fruit Festival.
We will be having various Children's Activities on the schedule during the daytime, including Go-karts, Food Prep Classes, Children's Craft Classes,  Face-painting, Tie-dying, and Children's Yoga and Fitness Classes.
Children can attend these activities accompanied by a parent or care-giver.
If you have any questions about our activities for children please contact us at WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com.


What is the payment and refund policy of The Woodstock Fruit Festival?

In order to take advantage of the current low price, you need either to pay the total amount in full or set up a payment plan by the end of the month. The admission fees increase on the 1st of each month. For more details please refer to the Registration Page.


All Admission Fee payments are refundable minus a $75.00 processing fee per adult (16+) per session and $25.00 processing fee per child (under 16) per session until July 20th, 2017.
Children with free entries are not charged processing fees.
After July 20th you have a choice of

1) Getting an IN-HOUSE CREDIT for the full amount of your payment towards a future event.
2) Transferring your IN-HOUSE CREDIT to a friend.
Attendees changing accommodations from Cabin to Camping or Off-Site after July 20th will get an IN-HOUSE credit for the difference in price.
All Bedding and Camping Gear is fully refundable until July 20th, 2017.
After July 20th there are no refunds or credit for Bedding and Camping Gear.

What is the internet and phone access situation on the campground?

The campground has paid telephone access, high speed wireless Internet in several areas, as well as regular Internet access with 3–4 computers in the Staff Lounge for everyone to share.
Cell phone reception is pretty good with Verizon but terrible with every other service provider.


What is the schedule of the activities?

Our 2016 Schedule is in the process of development!

Stayed tuned to upcoming changes and additions!


Where is the festival location and how do I get there?

Please refer to our Directions page.


How can I offer a ride or receive a ride?

Start a new discussion on our Ride Sharing page.


Is bus service available to Camp Walden from New York City and/or Albany?

We have a private bus service available from both New York City and Albany to Camp Walden and back to New York City + Albany after the event. Bus registration will open in June 2017.


Will there be a place to store valuables? Will we have lockers?

Cabins have storage area with shelves, but no lockers.
There will be some options for 'locking' valuable stuff up, but it isn't an organized 'official' service that we are providing. The camp has an office that can be locked, and also there are a few lockers with combinations that we can utilize. There is a 'safe' too that can be used as needed for people that want to lock up passports, wallet etc. But labeling these things and keeping a log is not something we are really preparing for. So, in short: best option is to bring a lock for your baggage and not to bring anything too valuable.


How can I volunteer?

In the festival application you will have an opportunity to apply for specific Work Exchange positions that you are interested in.
Please note that the we only need a limited amount of volunteers and won't be able to accept all applicants.


Do volunteers pay?

All first time volunteers will need to pay a Volunteer Security Deposit of $350, out of which $300 will be refunded to them immediately after the event, provided they fulfill their commitments to the festival, and $50 is a non-refundable processing fee.
All returning volunteers will need to pay a Volunteer Security Deposit of $300 with no processing fee.


I applied for the Work Exchange. When will I find out if I am accepted?

We will not be able to notify applicants NOT selected for Work Exchange Program, because we are receiving an overwhelming amount of volunteer application and our needs for volunteers are constantly changing. Please think of your volunteer application as of being on a waiting list and feel free to check your status by emailing WoodstockFruitFestivalTeam@gmail.com

If you would like to secure the current admission fee for regular participants in case you are not accepted into Work Exchange program, you can do so by setting up a payment plan or paying in full now. Later if you are selected as a volunteer, we will refund you the excess amount.


Why is the Woodstock Fruit Festival scheduled so late in the summer making it difficult for the college students to attend?

Unfortunately we can’t do it earlier in the summer because all the campgrounds are running kids summer programs and are not available for group rentals. The only time we can rent them is after the kids go back home which unfortunately is always just when the university classes start. We realize it's a huge problem for college students, but we have no other choice at the moment but to hold it at the end of August each year.


Are cooked or processed foods, superfoods, or high fat gourmet raw foods allowed at WFF? What about my kids who aren’t raw and attending with me?

We are all gathering together in the hopes and dreams of eating a fruit based diet at the highest level possible. Having this time together without any other food distractions is very important to respect.
For this reason, we request all festival participants not to bring any foods other than whole raw fruits and vegetables to the event. If you feel that you cannot respect this request, please do not break this policy publicly. If your children need to eat other foods, please be discrete and private about it and explain to them why this is the case. Absolutely no cooking or fire related activities are allowed on the festival site. This is a camp policy.
If you’ve never experienced eating nothing but all raw unprocessed natural plant foods for a week, give yourself the gift of opportunity. It might become one of the greatest experiences in your life if you allow it to happen.



Our goal is to create a community that reaches many audiences therefore we are asking all members to refrain from posting content that families with children might not be comfortable with.
What security measures are taken to ensure safety of Festival participants?

The Woodstock Fruit Festival brings together high quality individuals who would like to share fruit, fun, and their experience in a beautiful and supportive environment.
To ensure that our community and event is safe for adults and children, WFF reserves the right to ask attendees to accept standard ‘Background Checks’.


What are the terms and conditions of attending the festival?

Please go to our Terms & Conditions page.


Am I going to get a printed ticket to the festival?

The Woodstock Fruit Festival will supply wrist bands and name tags when you arrive on the opening day. Those who attend the festival agree to wear wrist bands as a proof of payment.


Will there be washer & dryers to use at Camp Walden? What about drying racks or ropes for clothes?

Unfortunately to our current knowledge the answer is No.


What should I take with me?

For participants staying indoors, we recommend that you will need 2 bed sheets, 2 towels, 1 pillow and 2 blankets per person. Attendees can either bring their own linen, or you can hire it from us when you register . It can get chilly at night so you might want to bring  an extra warm blanket if you get cold easily.

If you can, please bring your own yoga mat, yoga blanket and your favorite props. We will have some yoga mats and blankets on site, but no other props such as blocks.

- A watch, very helpful to know the time to follow the FF schedule.

- Camping chairs!

- Binoculars: Adirondacks are home to numerous varieties of birds as well as moose, whitetail deer, bears, coyotes, bobcats, river otters, beavers, muskrats, and other small mammals.

- A light weight backpack for hiking;

- Shorts and tank tops;

- Bathing suit!!!

- A lightweight long-sleeve shirt and a pair of lightweight long pants.

- A sweatshirt and sweatpants for colder nights.

- Rain jacket;

- Teva-style sandals;

- Trail running shoes;

- Pairs of socks;

- Underwear;

- Beach towel;

- Flashlight and extra batteries;

- Personal Toiletries;

- Musical instruments for the evening campfire: Drums, Dijeridoos, Guitars and others!

- Notebook and a pen;

- Your business cards or personal info cards. You are going to make lots of friends!

- Camera!

- Hammock (On the perimeter of the property there are plenty of trees where hammocks can be attached!);

- Water fun: goggles, scuba masks, waterguns!

- Reusable water bottle for water and smoothies.

If you forget anything there is a beautiful local town called Bolton Landing only 10 minutes by car that has a lot of shops that would have most necessities.


Can I bring my cat or dog with me?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at Camp Walden. Yet we are considering requests on a case by case basis for extremely well behaved pets. But we make no promises! Email our admin to discuss further. WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com


What about mosquitoes?

Great news! So far in our prior years we experienced nearly zero mosquitoes. They die off by the end of July and bugs are nearly a non-issue during our festival. This is awesome! :)


What's on the menu?

Fresh, ripe, raw, organic and conventional, local and exotic, the best seasonal fruits and vegetables!

No set meal times! No clock and no pressure of any kind! Unlimited fruit buffet all day long and a LFRV gourmet salad buffet in the evening.

The only request is to please clean up after yourself! This includes all the tools that you've been using (blenders, juicers, spiralizers, knives, cutting boards), your plate, utensils, cup, as well as the table you were sitting at.


What will the weather be like?

Plan for warm summer days, and cooler nights (great sleeping weather).
Bring sweatshirts and sweatpants to sleep in and hang out in at night and in the morning and then summer clothes and bathing suits for the day time.
The cabins don’t have windows, just screens, so an extra blanket would be smart to have.
Historic average temperature ranges from 50’sF at night to low 80’sF during the day.


Why Did You Choose Camp Walden?

The administrators reviewed literally dozens of options before we chose Camp Walden for The Woodstock Fruit Festival. We considered locations in California, Florida, Thailand, Australia, Europe and more. We considered various times of the year for the event as well.

Here’s why we chose Camp Walden over other options:

? Location:

Depending on how you look at it, upstate New York is a great compromise meeting destination. It’s within driving distance to many major cities that have large transportation hubs. Nearly a 50 million people live within an 8 hour drive to Camp Walden.

? Produce Selection, Price and Availability:

There are many local farms within closer proximity of Camp Walden in upstate New York, with August being peak harvesting season.
The New York City produce selection and diversity is at its peak in late summer, with prices usually being their lowest of the year in August.

? Waterfront:

We saw a lot of places that had waterfront, but none had the infrastructure and offerings of Walden's waterfront. They literally have a water-park! You guys are going to love it!

? Climate; Time of Year:

The climate of the southern Adirondack mountains in late August is ideal 75’-80’s during the day and 60’s at night. The water temperature of the lake will be its warmest in late August (80F~)

Initially we wanted to hold the event in early to mid-August so college bound students could attend before classes start at the end of August. But all summer camps are in session until the 3rd week of August and no other options were available. So we apologize and regret the unfortunate situation that many of our college bound attendees face in missing classes or our festival.

? Nature:

The southern Adirondack mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The area is rich in history and geology. It’s a wonderful peaceful place to relax and enjoy pristine air, water and nature together.

? Activities and Amenities:

Camp Walden has tremendous offerings from Ropes and Challenge Courses, Arts and Crafts, Sports and Fitness, Mt. Bikes, Theater, Movie Theater, Hiking, Waterfront, Indoor meeting spaces, and etc etc etc There is so much to do, and it’s all included and open to everyone.

? Size + Accommodations:

Camp Walden has indoor housing (beds) for 675 people, and a lot more space for campers! Few of the other camps that we reviewed had capacity for so many people. This allows our event to grow well in the future and give people the extra indoor living quarters needed to make everyone comfortable.

? Price and Camp Owners:

Camp Walden offered our event a competitive price for the use of their entire facility. Mark and Lauren Bernstein (owners of the camp) have been extremely accommodating and easy to work with, they are partners in making our event the best experience ever.

The value our event is receiving from Camp Walden is 2nd to none in all other options we considered.

I would like to attend the festival, but I’m not interested in camping or staying in the dormitory style cabins. Do you have private rooms available?

We do have limited private rooms options available. Please email us at WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com for details.
Also there are some lovely off site accommodations nearby that we can recommend. If you decide to stay off site for the nights your total admission fee will be reduced by $100. Please note that no transportation to or from offsite accommodations can be provided. If you stay off site you will need your own transportation to get to and from Camp Walden each day. Click Here for a list of nearby hotels.


Do we have access to clean drinking water?

We will have an EWS (Environmental Water System) 3 stages water filter installed on a publicly accessible sink.


Do we compost and recycle?

In 2014 we were happy to work with Kilpatrick Family Farm, which graciously agreed to pick up all our fruit and veggie leftovers (including durian shells, coconut husks and avocado pits) and compost them on their farm. Unfortunately in 2015 the farm had been sold to different owners, who are not interested in our compost. We are currently researching a farm in the area that will work with us.
We do recycle all boxes.

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