A Few Notes:

• Fats are GOOD, but only certain types of fat and not in excessive amounts
• A high fat diet, whether you are cooked or raw, is not healthy
• High fat consumption is the #1 reason why so many fail at the raw diet.
• While many think that sugar is the culprit to Candida, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer, I will argue that fat creates a more negative affect on our bodies than any source of sugar.

High Fat in Cooked Foods:
• Americans typically consume 1/3 of their calories from fat.
• For those that consume fast food sporadically (not daily), their fat intake is around 45%. (Please reference 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham).
• Meats, grains, and other starchy foods contain higher fat than is healthful.
• Not always visible, deceiving to the eye.
• Be aware of what you are eating.
• A little goes a long way.

How much do we need?
• I recommend no more than 10%, however, less is best in this case.
• Point is that too many Americans eat a high fat diet. If we can reduce that, we drastically change the health of millions!

How to avoid eating High Amounts of Fat:

1) Eat More Fruit (You eat FAT b/c you want to feel satisfied and to feel heavier). Fruits is higher in vitamins and minerals without the fat, and it fuels your body to keep you functioning properly. If your body is a car, then fruit is your fuel. Keep it running!

2) Avoid oils and other packaged fats. If you are going to eat them, eat nuts and seeds or softer fats in their natural forms rather than in oil or packaged forms. A good rule of thumb is to not eat more than a handful each day or every few days.

3) Don't keep it in your house! If it's there, you are more likely to eat it! Stock up on fruits and veggies and make life simple and creative!

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Great video, Kristina, thanks for posting!



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