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 Woodstock Fruit Festival Sponsors!

Here is the list of our awesome sponsors for the 2013 Fruit Festival, click on their links for more information!

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New Generation Produce Wholesale Market


195 Lombardy St.

Brooklyn, New York

Open 7 Days a week and is fruity-individuals friendly!

New Generation Produce Inc is one of New York City's leading high quality tropical fruit suppliers. Located in Brooklyn, they have one of the largest private refrigerated warehouses in the industry. Exotic tropical fruits from all over the world are a specialty of New Generation. They are a wholesale supplier to most of the NYC China Town produce markets. New Generation has been extremely generous and gracious towards supporting the Woodstock Fruit Festival for the last 2 years.

We highly recommend them as a source for your fruit needs in New York City. This place has everything you would find in Chinatown but by wholesale prices. Andrew is one of the owners, and he knows that anyone who comes from 30BananasADay.com is looking for the best fruit deals!



Website: www.vitamix.com


Vitamix produce blending machines of unsurpassed performance, reliability, and quality. The company's vision is all about improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.

The Vitamix is in a class of its own, durable, versatile and self-cleaning; a machine that will allow you to chop, blend, cream, purée, and more—with a single appliance. With commercial quality and unsurpassed engineering, you can buy a Vitamix once and have it for life.


Website: www.peta.org

Founded in March1980, by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco, PETA is one of the major Animal Rights organizations in the World.

PETA's slogan, "animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment", reflects the organization's various aims and campaigns against the eating of, wearing of, and the use of animals for research and human entertainment.

PETA uses a combination of education, direct action, undercover investigations, and media campaigns to try to reduce the suffering of the Planet's animals and educate humans to live lives that minimize animal suffering.

Martha's BEST
Website: www.marthasbest.com


Martha’s Best could potentially be renamed ‘World’s Best!’ because we don’t think we’ve ever had better tasting papaya before!

Straight from sunny Jamaica, Martha’s Best is the absolute leader in the best tropical papaya money can buy in the NY metro area.

Nearly always sold out at our local wholesale supplier New Generation Inc, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to secure a large order for the fruit festival.

But the fruit god’s have spoken! We getting a guaranteed supply, and even better, we now have our first grower-direct sponsor!

Martha’s Best owners are very impressed with our movement and want to support our efforts to promote healthier habits through fruit!

If you visit Jamaica don’t forget to put Martha’s Best on your tour schedule!

A very special thank-you goes to Andrew at New Generation Inc for making this possible.


Dry it! You’ll like it! Excalibur dehydrators are for people who cultivate a lifestyle of health and well-being. Our dehydrators are functional and transformational, empowering you to feed your body with nourishing food.

Since 1973, Excalibur has consistently introduced advancements related to the mechanics of dehydration. In the process of perfecting a product, a legacy was born. Excalibur dehydrators feature patented technology like Parallex™ horizontal air flow and Hyperwave™ fluctuation technology. Our thermostat fine-tunes the heat so there is no over or under drying. Excalibur is manufactured in Sacramento, CA with the same passion and performance values that defined the brand since its inception.

Omega Juicers

Website: www.omegajuicers.com

Omega Juicers develops some of the most efficient and reliable commercial capacity juicers on the market today. Omega is the only company on the market that offers consumers centrifuge, masticating, and pulp ejection style juicers.

Considered the gold standard in high quality juicers, Omega has been very generous to donate an entire line of juicers to The Woodstock Fruit Festival for our attendees to demo and enjoy.


Website: www.slowjuicer.com

The Hurom Slow Juicer uses the patented Low Speed Technology System (LSTS). It operates at only 80 RPM and uses a mere 150 Watts of energy. But don't let the name fool you. The Slow Juicer juices faster than most juicers and expels drier pulp, producing a higher juice yield.
The method of extraction uses a screw-like auger to press food, releasing enzymes and phytonutrients that results in a richer juice that retains more vitamins and minerals.

"The Hurom Slow Juicer produces the best juice quality I’ve ever experienced. It’s one of the few devices that I would highly highly recommend".
-Michael Arnstein

Melon1, Inc.

Website: www.melon1.com

Melon 1, Inc is one of the largest watermelon shippers in the United States with three generations of growing, handling, and shipping experience. Melon 1, Inc. represents the absolute best farmers in the United States and Mexico and is able to offer our customers a 52-week supply of watermelons.

Melon 1 has very generously donated 15,000 Pounds of watermelon to the 2013 Woodstock Fruit Festival!

Environmental Water Systems

Website: www.ewswater.com
For over 26 years, Environmental Water Systems has maintained an impeccable track record of USA-made, top performing water filtration appliances and award-winning customer service. As a result, EWS filtration is trusted by hospitals, the military, health care centers, high-end hotels, and private homes worldwide to provide truly healthy, clean water free of chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, THMs, pharmaceutical residues, hormones, pesticides, and other contaminants. Alongside other leading household brands, EWS provides only the finest quality products, available in over 700 kitchen and bath showrooms nationwide.


Driven by a keen understanding of athlete needs, NATHAN's team of innovators sweat the details, because it’s the details that help athletes push their potential. As a market leader in ground-breaking Running Essentials™, NATHAN purposefully designs performance-driven products that help dedicated athletes run stronger and longer.


Website: www.kuvings.com

Kuvings is a leading manufacturer of small specialty electrical household appliances for nutrition-minded consumers.

Since 1978, NUC has developed more than 20 "health" appliances including various models of juice extractors, juicers, blenders, , single and multi functional food processors and more.

They have generously supported our event with the donation of many high quality appliances.

Thank you Kuvings!

Veggie Wash
Website: veggiewash.beaumontproducts.com

Veggie Wash is America's leading brand of fruit and vegetable wash.
Made with all-natural ingredients, including organic citrus, Veggie Wash is the only produce wash to earn the 'Good Housekeeping' Seal of Approval.

Recommended by hundreds of chefs, Veggie Wash rinses clean and leaves no after taste on your fruits and veggi

Veggie Wash - For Clean, Safe, Flavorful Produce Every Time!


Website: www.injinji.com

Injinji toe socks are the first choice for top level runners and athletic enthusiasts.
Considered the gold standard in eliminating debilitating toe blisters, Injinji supports elite and grass roots races and events with generous sponsorships. We thank Injinji for their support of our running related activities at The Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Field Candy

Website: www.fieldcandy.com

FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. We are here to inject color, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a range of totally unexpected designs. FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent. And because we use a good old-fashioned cotton inner tent, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with most modern tents.

A big Thanks! to Field Candy for their generous help for our event Raffle! A watermelon tent is a perfect fit for The Woodstock Fruit Festival! If you don’t win, you can still buy one directly from Field Candy.


Website: www.zummoinc.com/inicio/

Zummo, Inc. is the sales and distribution office to service the US Market. We offer 3 years / 200.000 cycles warranty for all our machines for the USA. Therefore we prove that we are not only offering a great product, but also outstanding service for our customers. It is Zummo’s goal to provide excellence in every aspect.
At Zummo, we made the commitment to the quality of our products and service. This is why our juicers have the NSF and ETL certifications.


Del Monte

Website: www.delmonte.com

Del Monte Foods is one of the country's largest and most well-known producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality fruit.

Media Outlets
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We’re looking for a wide range of media outlets to help highlight our ground breaking event and movement. Print media, social media, film, radio, podcast broadcast and beyond. If you have an audience who would be interested in our unique event and participants we want to talk to you. No media outlet is too small! Domestic or international, please contact us to discuss how we can take the movement of a raw fruit and vegetable diet to a new level.
Your organization listed here can help this progressive movement to reach a larger audience. Please contact us about sponsorship opportunities related to our event. Email: WoodstockFruitFestival@gmail.com


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