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As an Organization and Movement we support and respect individuals and their right to have different opinions and perspectives.

As an Organization we also maintain and demand a certain level of respect and style of communication.

A very unfortunate distraction to our Mission, Organization and our Leadership has been the focus of 2 former attendees at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. Specifically, Harley Johnstone (aka 'DurianRider') and 'Freelee' have made tremendous efforts to harm the reputation and in many cases tell untruths of our Leadership and Organization.

This section of our website was created to clear the air and formally defend many of the reprehensible public videos, postings, harrasements and beyond that have been made in recent times.

We stand together to Set The Record Straight and lead our Community and Movement into the future.

  • Michael Arnstein

As the Founder of The Woodstock Fruit Festival one of my main goals from the beginning was to bring our collective community together.

I felt empty socializing through the internet with people that were spread out all over the world who were living and loving the diet and lifestyle.

The idea of putting aside any and all differences some of our Movement leaders might have with each other was welcomed when our leadership was brought together.

For 3 years we had egos, special interests and personality differences largely forgotten in pursuit of working together towards our great common goals.

I've posted on the event website about the facts related to why and how Harley and Freelee were taken off of the Pioneers page of the event.

Since that time they have both created a lot of negative attention towards the event and many of the people who attend it.

This page is being created as a public place where many of the things they have said can be properly defended and addressed.

Claim Truth
They were thrown out of the event

For many months correspondence took place about the tremendous dietary changes they both had made and were promoting.

They were no longer maintaining many of the criteria that had been established since the inception of the festival related to diet.

They were offered Special Guest status and $4000 USD in travel related costs to travel from Australia and free entry to the event.

See Full Details Here


Doug Graham was paid $50,000 USD, or in some cases claimed to be paid $70,000. USD to attend the festival.

This is outrageous and completely fabricated. Not True at all. The entire budget and expenditures of WFF is posted on the WFF website for public record as the event is non-profit.

Doug Graham is on the same Sponsorship selection form that attendees choose from as every other Pioneer.

Harley and Freelee were paid nearly the same amount of compensation as Doug the years they attended. I don't think it's fair to release the exact amount Harley or Freelee were paid without permission so that won't be done here. But I will confirm that Harley's claim about what Doug was paid is complete nonsense.


WFF has turned into a 'Corporate Event'

The entire WFF budget for 2014, income received and payments made is posted on the website. So are the budgets and expenses from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

We've never received ONE DOLLAR in cash from any corporation since the inception of the event. To date the largest corporate donations have all been free or discounted produce and or some blenders and kitchen equipment.

We are non-profit and have never made a profit.

The event has been bailed out financially every year by Michael Arnstein. To claim that WFF is corporate is absolutely ridiculous.


WFF is an elitist organization

WFF promotes a fruit-based diet, a raw 811 diet, a fruitarian diet, a low fat raw vegan diet (LFRV). We do not promote a 'carbohydrate diet' and never will. We support, promote and provide the best options for human health and we accept that it is a limited market of interest at this time. If promoting only what we believe as being the best option for healthy food choices is seen as elitist or snobbish, that is up to the person who is interested in trying to negatively characterize our hope for others. We accept attendees to our event that identify as eating all types of diet. But the event only serves food and promotes food options that we believe are in the best interest of our attendees.


WFF is very expensive WFF provides education, high quality housing and facilities, and unlimited fresh produce. The event has never made a profit as all funds go back into giving the highest value to the participants. Our employees, volunteers and vendors are paid a very low wage and should be honored for the level of commitment and dedication they have to making this event possible.

More Claims and Replies will be added here as necessary; but we really hope that Harley and Freelee (and their fans) can find a better use of time than to attack and spread non-supportive propaganda about the festival and the people that are part of it.


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