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At 7:36pm on June 1, 2014,
WFF NY 2016
George Schwartz

Looking forward to seeing you too, Michael!! The WFF is always the highlight of the year for me! :D

At 11:52pm on December 13, 2013,
wff Pioneer
Chris Kendall

Its Official, Friends ;) Excited to potentially see you n the fam in Hawaii this coming Feb man, much PLSF ck

At 11:11pm on November 26, 2013, Jitka Frajbisova said…
It's a shame and bad decision demoting Freelee and Durianrider. Was planning on going next year. Very disappointed.
At 9:27pm on August 27, 2013, Zachary Elwell said…

Likewise, Michael, I appreciate very much what you are trying to do with the WFF and will stand ready to assist as I am able. I really enjoyed being involved and will likely be there ready to help in 2014. It is on my agenda for sure.

Many thanks and best wishes to you and yours!

At 6:40am on August 5, 2013, Gabby Vinden said…

Yup! Newcastle is in NSW in Australia, about 2hrs from Sydney. Taking a semester of from university nutrition and dietetics to learn about meet people who are interested in REAL nutrition :-)

At 10:41am on April 3, 2013, Cheryl Garcia said…

Thanks Michael! I'm so excited to come to the festival and be totally inspired by the awesome people and events! I'm surprising my husband because he doesn't know we're going yet...it's my anniversary gift to him and we both will be doing the wff marathon! Thanks for being such an incredible role model and leader!

At 3:35pm on March 30, 2013, Kevin Rogers said…

Thanks for the warm greetings, Mike! (Though after watching your last video, it seems all of your greetings will be warm, in Hawaii.) It's always a pleasure to see a role model leading from the front. You certainly are inspirational for me on many levels.  

I look forward with joy to another run this year. =)

At 12:03pm on March 12, 2013, Hernán Posada said…

You inspire me! I hope to some day be as fast and active as you. Looking forward to running at the WFF Race, probably doing the 10k. Been mainly fruitarian for only 3 months and loving it!

At 9:01am on February 10, 2013, Tarah @ 40 Below Fruity said…

Thank you Michael!
It means the world coming from folks like yourself :) 
I appreciate the support & right back at you!



40 Below Fruity

At 10:00am on December 7, 2012, geoff parker said…

i just got the idea of running the 2200 miles from logan, utah to woodstock ...

i could leave on my 66th bday and have a leisurely 2.5 months to complete it ...

At 6:16pm on September 18, 2012, Angie Phipps said…

Good luck at the Spartathalon!!

At 1:35am on June 4, 2012, Nathan Batalion said…

Michael - Went to your website. Awesome PRs. I will have to train harder and look forward to running with you and other super athletes at the upcoming WFF

Secondly, thanks for your comment.

Quoting the Essene Gospel is a passion - to promote a global mind shift toward a life-centered vision of nature  This can help us all stop destroying nature and engendering health pandemics. For me this Essene view wins the "marathon of mind treks." I came to a similar conclusion that living things, not machines, model nature's soul; and that at the core of living nature is what we call "consciousness" or awareness and at the further core of this gift of "consciousness" that all living things share is a pure, universal, cosmic relationship of connection. It makes nature One for me, not mathematics. All plants decay to form the building materials of all other plants in a compost heap. But add math-designed chemicals and the circle of unity is broken. This living view guides my organic healing practices, my diet, my exercises, my meditations, my relationships, my detoxes, my everything... It gives insights on how to pull my body together as One, my spirit as One. The Essenes miraculously knew all this thousands of years ago...how awesome... and perhaps just by looking at the solar radiance of each others eyes!They expressed this poetically with angelic language. Not surprisingly, we develop a biblical concept of God or other intuitions of cosmic Oneness just by being alive and conscious. Fortunately for me, I healed myself through such transpersonal insights. They turned around my life that before was floundering.. leading me on a fast-track loving view that I love to share. See ya at WFF ....

At 12:52am on May 1, 2012, jessica brown said…

It was a great adventure! I was able to kick a lot of bad habits at once. I'm glad i did it, it really jump-started my journey into raw foods because going into it I had no knowledge of eating an all raw diet so I had a lot of down time to learn a lot about how to approach this new lifestyle change.

At 10:21am on September 26, 2011, Andrew Biscieglia said…

Hi Michael

          I posted a link of your web site on my web site to share your fruitarian style.

If this meets your approval I will leave it there.

Here is the link               http://www.howtoturnbacktime.com/?p=363

Andrew Biscieglia

At 2:48pm on August 29, 2011,
WFF NY 2016
Mark Tassi
Mike, thanks again for the Festival. It was awesome!
At 8:05pm on August 28, 2011, Sandra Fruitopia said…
Hello Michael! It's AJ the Swiss girl you very kindly drove to the train station! thank you so much again for doing what your doing and being who you are and hope to se you around in Switzerland! :)
At 8:34am on June 8, 2011,
wff Pioneer
Janette Murray-Wakelin

Hi Michael,

Looking forward to meeting, eating and running with you at WFF.

At last, a raw festival with everyone on the same page.......

Check out our websites:  www.kiwienergyunlimited.com and www.rawcancure.com

See you there, Janette

At 7:49am on May 12, 2011,
wff Pioneer
Alan Murray
Thanks for all the work you have put in to this festival, I cant think of anything better than to be in the company of like minded RAW foodies and to eat fresh ripe fruit!!!!!   Love your website too.    See you there.  Alan
At 2:15pm on May 1, 2011,
wff Pioneer
Mike Vlasaty
Yeah, thanks for getting this all started.  It's going to be a world changing event for sure. I can't wait to eat, too. I've been imagining how many truck loads of fruit is going to be there, lol.  I think the average (excluding the marathoners) 811er can eat about 7-10 lbs of food a day and there is going to be 300 people, so that's about 3000+ lbs of food a day and for seven days that's 21,000+ lb of food! Crazy, that's a lot of fruit! I'm training for that marathon by the way, too.  It's going to be my first.
At 4:18pm on April 30, 2011, Jeremy Paradis said…
Thanks so much for taking the initiative to do this!  Let me apologize in advance, because I'm going to try like heck to eat more than $800 in fruit :)



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