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I'm so excited to be a registered member for the Woodstock Fruit Festival!  I'm hoping I can go this year, if not, definitely a future event! <3

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Cultural Dance and Fruit Festival in the Philippines

Last August is a merry month in Davao City, because it is on this month that Dabawenyos celebrate a…

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I always forget

Is it okay to do a mixture of raw vegan/fruitarian/Vegan eating, because I've been doing that , like every other day, I am trying to keep it raw 100 percent until, lets see, on the first of October, my job had a cookout , and thank God they had made, the "Vegan Boca Soy Burgers" and let me tell you I smashed , smashed, SMASHED!, I HAD to sets of (Whole Wheat, Whole Grain) Burger buns , with lettuce tomatoes  mustard, and ketchup and it…


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The bearded woman never wore blush

The beauty of the individual that exists in wholeness should not be competed against. We are all special. We are all unique. The natural rhythms of our soul's vibrations should not be altered. I respect the fact that many women crave the acceptance that society requires them to expect, but it's an unnecessary taxation on an otherwise carefree lifestyle. And by carefree I mean living naturally and without superficial concerns via the internal respecting style of self acceptance. I love myself. I… Continue

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Stop planning and start doing...

I am currently still eating in a 8-12 (to even 16) hour window which works perfectly for me. My last my which was around 8ish I had ordered 2 kinds of mushrooms (no butter , sugar etc) from Panda Express yesterday (cost about 7 bucks but delivery cost me 2 bucks) the steaming white rice came with it, I mean it was quite fulfilling , but the wrong choice (it was cooked with soy sauce OMG!)…


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WFF NY 2016
Planning My Trip: Frugivore Friends Wanted Here

I helped reserve the camp and I am planning the other arrangements to go meet other fruities. Here veganism is just starting to grow moreso. I don't know of anyone else even on a fruitarian fast, but mine went so well. I'm enjoying communicating to fine tune more so. I see what are my options for a vacation where I can rest assured everyone will be overjoyed with the peaceful fruitarian way and I will continue trying invite other folks as this really seems like a unique opportunity in the…


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Never Camera Ready

Well my Juice Fasting ended 3 days after I posted my last blog, which was okay. My blender had stopped on me all of the sudden, and I was left eating  nothing but the fruit itself which was a lot better anyway, I had gone from an Unhealthy Alternative (meaning eating the same things , chicken beef, eggs etc. just not from an animal , known as mock meats etc.) to an (somewhat or mostly) Raw Vegan Lifestyle…


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Never Camera Ready

I have been introduced to Juice Fasting , awhile ago through my sister

I was vacationing in Jamaica, Queens NY , when my sister had called me and told me she was going to juice for 10 days, just to try it out

After 10 days she dropped 15 pounds, which is quite awesome, and guess what, she is thinking about becoming Vegan, I…


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WFF NY 2016
Needing a ticket!

Does anyone out here have a ticket that they will not be using for this years 2015 Fruit Festival?
I'm tight on cash yet have some.
Please feel free to contact me via email or text.
Thank you!
Felicia 541-671-6821.

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WFF-NY 2015
Volunteers interested in carpooling?

Hello everyone! Are any volunteers flying into Albany 8/13 and want to carpool to camp? I was going to take a bus to warrensberg then taxi to camp walden. If anyone is renting a car I'd love to hitch a ride or maybe we could share a taxi! I suppose if any volunteers are coming from anywhere but getting to Warrensberg, we could share a taxi from there to camp... Let me know if u want to! Thanks! :)

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WFF NY 2016
Anybody from Georgia going to WFF15?

If so holla at your girl~! Would preferably like to travel with girls or women, I cant drive but I'll split gas w/ you or we can greyhound together.

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I broke a World Guinness Record in running. Now it belongs to a raw vegan guy who took on running less than 5 years ago.



Wait, what happened?

On March 8th 2015 in the heart of…


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I really would like to be a part of this festival. The money is scarce how do I sign up for a working job to pay my costs?

Sincerest, Justin

Added by Justin on March 2, 2015 at 11:11am — 1 Comment

Winning 100-miles running race as a Fruitarian. Again. Race Report.

Happy to report some additional real-life proof that our Fruitarian lifestyle can kick some serious butt in sports. Here are the details:

Finished the race under 20 hours for my second win at Virgil Crest 100 on September 20th, 2014. It was a great team effort with Veronica, we both prepared thoroughly for this…


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WFF Presenter
Weightlifting and Sprint Class Schedule Change

I have a schedule change for the weightlifting and sprinting classes at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. All the classes will be held at 1 o'clock and they will be held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm very sorry if this caused any inconvenience. I plan to be around the whole day so if you want any personal one on one training I'll be more than happy to help. I'm really looking forward to seeing and getting a lift in with everyone there! Also, I highly recommend going to the…


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Presenting Excellence before the festival - August 13-16 - Twin Pines NY

Dr. Doug Graham, raw food speaker, leader and pioneer is going to be teaching a seminar entitled "Presenting Excellence" just before the WFF just down the road from the WFF properties at Twin Pines on Trout Lake.

Last year everyone attending Presenting Excellence RAVED about how good it was and how much they learn about speaking and teaching - whether it was to a live audience, to a small group or on a video.

It's definitely worth checking out.  I really liked the testimonials…


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I'd Love To Share Rides To & From NYC

Hey all!

I'm headed to the festival for both weeks (8/17-8/31) and would love to share a ride. I don't have a car but I do have a valid driver's license. I live in Brooklyn but could meet in Manhattan or Queens.

I'll check other posts to see what people are offering. xoxo Amy

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Attendees from Canada?

Hello folks, I would love to meet all Canadians going to WFF, and if you live in the Montreal area let's connect!

Added by Carlos Castillo on July 8, 2014 at 9:11am — 1 Comment

Fruit Power!

Hello Fruity Friends,

Check out - I have been getting to know Brian Rossiter, the brains behind the fruit @! He's a hard working dedicated guy and pumping out lots of great content. His website and magazine are chock full of great interviews, stories, articles, and his recipes are yummy! He's got several new books out and more in the pipeline!



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