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This is the official press page of the Fruit Festival. Any news articles or videos will be posted here. So come back often to see the new updates as the festival grows and the message of health spreads :)

'Fruitarian' eats 25 lbs. of fruit daily
Sanjay Gupta MD|Added on August 26, 2013
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Michael Arnstein, 'The Fruitarian,' an elite endurance athlete with a controversial diet

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Fruits, veges for healthier diet
Adib Noor, BRUNEI-MUARA, Feb 17, 2014

MORE than 100 people learned the benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle from renowned fruitarian Michael Arnstein yesterday. Sharing his experience during his talk on “Health is Wealth”, Arnstein said he chose to eat only fruits and vegetables as part of his commitment to lead a healthier lifestyle. As an athlete, just eating fruits and vegetables might not seem enough to give him the required energy and sustenance, but his six-year experience had proved otherwise. “So I wanted get the word out that this is doable which led to the creation of the Woodstock Fruit Festival,” he said.

Life Among the Fruitarians: A Visit to the Woodstock Fruit Festival
Noah Davis,, Aug 28, 2013

Camp Walden, located 220 miles north of New York City, looks like every summer camp from every eighties camp movie you've ever seen. There is a roped-off swimming area that gives way to the wide expanse of Trout Lake. The main lodge sits on a hill above the water, and a dirt path leads to some cabins, basketball and tennis courts, and a ropes course. But when I was at Camp Walden last week, it wasn't full of horny counselors and unruly campers. It was full of fruitarians. Fruitarianism is more of a philosophy than a specific set of edicts, and among the extreme diets of today — Paleo,

Can Man Live on Fruit Alone?
Jonathan Miles,, Nov 2012 Issue

It sounds bananas—forgoing all other food groups in favor of a diet that consists solely of fruit. But the growing legions of zealous fruitarians believe their way of life will bring them physical, mental, and spiritual perfection. Is this the next health revolution or simply fruit for the loons? Vibes of enlightenment drift through the Woodstock Fruit Festival, a weeklong late-summer gathering of close to 400 hard-core dieters in upstate New York. Or maybe that's just the banana-and-Dumpster odor of durian, the ultra-stinky tropical fruit that's like caviar to this group: pricey, fatty, finger-lickable. Fruitarians, as they call themselves, subsist almost exclusively on raw fruit, with a few leafy greens, nuts, or seeds thrown in.

Een dieet van vrijwel alleen fruit, dat is hetmideaal van de fruities op een festival in Woodstock. Voedsel koken zou schadelijk zijn.
Door Lynn Berger ,, Aug 30, 2011, English PDF File (translated)Dutch PDF File

In de ideale wereld van Douglas Graham (58) is het koken van voedsel verboden. Iedereen eet er rauw voedsel – fruit, voornamelijk, en bladgroenten – en mensen zijn fit, gezond, en gelukkig. ‘We zijn gemaakt om fruit te eten,’ zegt Graham, een Amerikaan met grijs haar in een staartje. Hij lepelt zijn ontbijt naar binnen: zes papaya’s. ‘We houden van zoetigheid, we kunnen fruit verteren zonder dat we het moeten verhitten of fermenteren

Meeting the Guru Who Inspired Me to Go Vegan
Sandy Henson Corso,, Aug 29, 2011

My 100 percent raw and vegan journey began on January 1 of this year. But, in fact, my raw vegan journey began much earlier. For years I have dabbled with a "high raw" diet. Two and a half years ago I somehow stumbled onto the YouTube page of The Life Regenerator! My life was forever changed. Dan McDonald, otherwise known as "The Life Regenerator," is a free spirit whose goal is to spread the word, around the globe, about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. I began watching his very inspiring and zany videos day and night. After a week of watching, I got out my juicer. Then I went out and bought a boatload of produce. I began juicing and eating lots of raw food via Dan's recipes.

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