Celebrity Invitations

Celebrity Invitations

The Woodstock Fruit Festival wants to spread the word of health and happiness through eating more fruit!

To do this we’ve been working hard to let prominent individuals know about our event and invite them to participate with us.

We will continue to promote our shared beliefs with celebrities, media networks and moguls, business and political leaders and beyond.
If you have any contacts with people or entities that can help spread our message please let us know! Here are a list of press releases and coverage’s about the festival:


  • View Bio of Rich Roll

    Invite to Rich Roll

    View Bio of Rich Roll
    Corporate man by day and couch potato by night, Rich Roll adopted a vegan lifestyle at the age of 40 and went on to become a top Triathlete.


  • View Bio of Alicia

    Invite to Alicia Silverstone

    View Bio of Alicia

    Alicia Silverstone is an American actress, film and television producer, author, and animal rights and environmental activist. She may be best known for her role in the movie Clueless. Silverstone became a vegan in 1998 after attending an animal rights meeting and has stayed committed to her lifestyle changes. She promotes a healthy diet through her blog 'The Kind Life' and book The Kind Diet.


  • View Bio of venus

    Invite to Venus Williams

    View Bio of venus

    Venus Williams sisters is a professional tennis player who have been ranked at the top of the world in her sport. She is also very committed to their health as a way to improve their athletic performance. Venus Williams adopted a raw diet as a way to heal herself after being diagnosed with "Sjögren's syndrome" an Autoimmune disease. Her sister Serena also ate a raw diet in support of her sister. After changing her lifestyle and diet, Venus was able to reduce the symptoms of "Sjögren's syndrome"and continue s playing tennis.


  • View Bio of Dr. Douglas Graham

    Invite to Paul McCartney

    Former Beetle and solo artist Paul McCartney has be a long time follower of a vegetarian diet and a voice for animal rights.


  • View Bio of Michael & Victoria Arnstein

    Invite to Bill Pullman

    Pullman is an American actor who has starred in multiple Hollywood movies. One of his most well-known movies is Independence Day. Pullman is also committed to eating a high fruit diet and grows fruit trees in Los Angeles as a way to make the surrounding community more aware about the benefits of incorporating fruit into one's diet.


  • View Bio of Ellen Livingston

    Invite Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood is a Country star and winner of American Idol. She became one of the youngest members of the Grand Ol Oprey. Underwood enjoys a vegan diet.


  • View Bio of Megan Elizabeth McDonnell

    Invite to Ellen Degeneris

    Former stand-up comedian and daytime talk show host, she has been a long time proponent of a plant based diet.


  • View Bio of Grant Campbell

    Invite to Ingrid NewKirk

    Animal rights activist and founder of the group PETA, Ms. Newkirk has been leading the field of ethical treatment of animals for many decades.


  • View Bio of Freelee

    Invite to John Mackey

    Mackey cofounded Whole Foods Market in 1980 and currently holds the position of CEO. Whole Foods Market was the first grocery chain to set the standards for humane animal treatment. In 2006 Mackey announced that he would reduce his salary to $1 a year and give the rest to charity. He believes in his company's message so strongly that he decided to forgo pay and focus on his calling, which is helping to provide healthy food to people.


  • View Bio of Karen Ranzi

    Invite to Sting

    Former front man for the Pop group “The police” and more recently a solo performer. He is well known for his contributions to environmentalism and strict adherence to a plant based diet.


  • View Bio of Robert Lockhart

    Invite to Woody Harrelson

    Harrelson is an American actor who has starred in multiple Hollywood movies. His most recent role has been starring in The Hunger Games series. Harrelson is a raw vegan and is commited to eating a diet that is plant-based. He has been featured by PETA for his work as an ethical vegan and he is very involved with environmental issues.


  • View Bio of Robert Lockhart

    Invite to Scott Jurek

    Most known for his Ultra distance running abilities, Jurek is also a vegan cook who in 2012 released his first book entitled “Eat and Run” which is all about vegan cooking and training.


  • Invite to Anne Hathaway

    Hathaway is an American actress who most recently starred in the movie Les Miserables. Hathaway is passionate about her health and became a vegan in 2012. She is also involved with multiple charities, such as The Human Rights Campaign.


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