The Fruit Festival Team

Meet the Fruit Festival Team!


Michael Arnstein

Founding Sponsor and Administrative Admin.

Michael Arnstein has been following a fruitarian diet since January 2008.

Well known in the extreme sport of ultra-running, Michael has pushed his physical limits to prove how far you can go on fruit.

His love for his new found health and wellness inspired him to create the Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2010.

Michael assists in guiding festival policy, promotion and financial security in its goals to become a leading event in the world of health and wellness.

Youtube interview with Michael Arnstein



Yuliya Yakhontova

Fruit Festival Director

Yuliya Yakhontova had discovered and embraced a raw vegan lifestyle in June 2002. Over the years Yuliya had experimented with every possible variation within raw veganism, until she finally came to understand that she felt her best eating fruit/veggie monomeals and juices, straightening the connection with her body's wisdom.

Yuliya’s strongest passion is personal growth and cultivation of insight into a fundamental nature of our reality through meditation. While she uses Vipassana as a basis of her practice, she is studying various approaches and believes that every spiritual tradition offers a path to realization of similar truths.

Yuliya has been with the Woodstock Fruit Festival from the day when the idea first came into existence. She feels very grateful for having seen the festival gone through many stages of development on its way to becoming the most significant life-changing event currently offered in a natural health movement.

Yuliya is coordinating the overall organizational and financial structure of the festival.



Anne Osborne

Registrations, Volunteer and Schedule Manager
Fruit Festival Artist

Anne began her journey on the fruit diet. She has raised two very happy and healthy children on this diet. Her book 'Fruitarianism The Path To Paradise' was published in English in 2009 and in Italian in 2011.

She started working for the Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2011. Anne enjoys working with the Volunteers and Pioneers; and has greatly benefited from being involved, and has learnt a lot from working with the Woodstock Fruit Festival Team. Her main work consists of selecting the Work Exchange Volunteers, organizing the schedule, working on registrations, and liaising with the Pioneers. She also does some artwork for the Festival; drawing is a real passion for her, and it is a real pleasure for her to contribute to the Festival in this way.

She believes the Fruit Diet is the most compassionate, the most environmentally positive, the healthiest, and the most rational way forward for our Planet; so it is Wonderful for her to help promote this diet by being a part of the Woodstock Fruit Festival.



Alicia Ojeda

Head Chef for the Woodstock Fruit Festival

Alicia Ojeda is a classically trained chef with a breadth and depth of professional experience rarely encountered in the arena of healthful living. Passionate about food and playful about the process, Chef Alicia makes the art of creating delicious, life-giving cuisine a joyful experience. Motivated by her own 40-pound (and counting) weight loss and her newfound ability to sustain her energy all day long, she now leads others in redefining their relationship with food. From her enthusiastic and informative culinary classes to her recipe books, DVD training kit, professional business consultations, and home kitchen set-ups, she educates new and experienced healthy eaters in how to enrich their love affair with health-producing raw living foods.

Currently, Chef Alicia is a staff instructor at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas. She also co-teaches culinary skills for the annual FoodnSport summer event series, serves as executive chef for Le Fruit Restaurant at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, and offers private chef services and instruction.

Highlights of Chef Alicia's illustrious culinary career:

• Beets Café (Austin's premier vegan living foods café), head chef
• Roxanne's Fine Cuisine, R&D/production coordinator
• Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, executive chef & instructor
• Dream Works Studio, executive chef
• Sony Music, chef manager



Roy Rozman

Fruit Festival Activities Director

Roy Rozman discovered veganism while teaching Environmental Science in 2011.
His life completely transformed after attending his first Woodstock Fruit Festival in 2013, and in 2014 Roy joined the WFF Team as the Activities Director.
With his 7 years of sleep-away camping experience, Roy has been bringing endless amounts of new fun and exciting activities to WFF.
His favorite quote is “Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t” ~ Bill Nye.

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