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WFF Board of Governors

This page displays the results and forthcoming resolutions that the WFF Board of Governors votes on.

The final decisions will be made public in the links posted below.

Members: 15
Latest Activity: Oct 6, 2014

Board of Governors Resolution Results

Below are The Woodstock Fruit Festival  Board of Governor resolution voting results.
If you have a question or a suggestion which you feel requires the Boards attention you can submit that concern to one of our Pioneers through private email correspondence. 
The Board members are not compensated for their time and for this reason we appreciate your careful request of their time.  

12/06/2013 - WFF Board Expansion Resolution

01/03/2013 - Pioneer Criteria Amendments

01/05/2013 Alan & Janette Nomination Motion

09/21/2014 Grant Campbell's Voting Ineligibility Motion

09/25/2014 Arnold Kauffman steps down as Board member.

09/27/2014 Ellen Livingston steps down as Board member.

09/27/2014 Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram steps down as Board member.

09/27/2014 Chris Kendall steps down as Board member.

09/27/2014 Motion to exclude Douglas Graham from WFF events.

10/02/2014 Grant Campbell steps down as Board member.

10/06/2014 Pioneer Term Motion.

A list of topics to be discussed and voted on in the near future in the order of priority:

  1. Review the term 'Pioneers' and it's resulting issues
  2. Third Party Selling of Commercial Products at The Woodstock Fruit Festival
  3. Create criteria for Presenters
  4. Suitable Topics for Woodstock Pioneers and Other Presenters at The Woodstock Fruit Festival
  5. Code of Ethics for Vendors
  6. Procedure if a Board Member Withdraws or Resigns

The current Board is presently:

• Anne Osborne (Inner-Board Member)
• Don Bennett (Inner-Board Member)
• Michael Arnstein (Inner-Board Member)
• Megan Elizabeth (Inner-Board Member)
• Samuel Mielcarski (Inner-Board Member)

• John Kohler
• Robert Lockhart
• Dan McDonald
• Alan Murray
• Janette Murray-Wakelin
• Tim Van Orden
• Karen Ranzi
• Mike Vlasity
• Tony Wright



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