I'm ready and excited! Counting down the days! Paid up and working out!


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I'm not paid up yet, but I'm definitely excited!

Just paid up myself, and super excited to go to my first festival next summer! :)

just paid up too, looking forward to it already

I am paid up too.  I think it is great to lock in early and I look forward to it.  What an advantage to prepare for such an event almost a year in advance.  2013 will be my first one!

It will be my second year, The months are counting down quickly :D

sooooo excitedddddddddddd weeeeee! :)  not paid up yet but i will of course!

Great to see you all excited about next year.

I do plan to return to WFF 2013 in loving service again.

It will RAWK for sure!

Much Love,


I am hoping to be there, too. The money isn't the biggest hurdle, it's more that we're planning to move next year and so I can't buy flight tickets until I know where I'll be living at the time :-). Also, will need to get holidays approved by my boss... But apart from that I am set (in my mind) :-)

YEAH!  I'm really excited about (hopefully) being on the volunteer team.  That is the only way I would be able to afford it but it is also a great way to get to know people and really feel part of it all.  I have the money all save up for the ticket and am saving up for the volunteer 'insurance' money down.

Almost six months from now!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!  I can't wait!!! gonna have to though haha 

Does anybody know if the organic and conventional fruits will be labeled?

and if so is there good quantity of organic?

I think most of it was organic last year, a few things that are not possible to get organic were conventional. 70-90% organic i think *_*




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