So, a lot of recipes/smoothies I make call for coconut water only. Also, I like to buy the young coconuts and just stick a straw in them and drink the water. But, what do you do with all the leftover coconut meat??? I'm not really sure what the fat content is and by eating it on a daily basis if this would excede 10% in the 80/10/10 ratio. What do you guys do and what do you think???

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Yes, I make some nice dressings.  I like one where I add curry and lemon.  

The best hair conditioner. Blend it up! ;)

In Doug Graham's " The 80/10/10 Diet" he talks about how coconuts are dipped in fungicide to maintain freshness and that it disturbs the water as well. He suggests that enjoying coconuts is best done where nature intended us to, in the tropics. Not to say that we cannot bend the rules, but perhaps if you cannot find organic young coconuts then maybe you should just stick with the brown ones or just find a new meal.




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