Aside from the "Important items to bring" list on the Participant Info Sheet does anyone have any additional suggestions on what may be useful for the week?

I for one will be camping in a tent, so any camping related suggestions would be appreciated as well.


I can start with the following:

  • extra batteries
  • small first aid kit (bandaids, anticeptic)
  • money belt (for those wishing to keep important papers close by)
  • extra socks and extra towels (If it rains, these will be VERY welcomed)
  • sun glasses / sun hat
  • yoga mat
  • winter jacket if camping (forget "warm clothes", bring a winter jacket and something to cover your face - it can be freezing outside at night in the mountains even though temps during the day are in the high 90s)
  • Double check you sealed your tent seams in case of heavy rain


Also, I'd recommend to run your car for at least 15 min. once during the week to ensure your battery works when it's time to leave.

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that's pretty close to what I lug -  a small tent, enough clothes to get by, a towel, utensil kit, toothbrush, headlight, yoga mat/sleeping pad, lightweight bag,  sun glasses, garmin watch/HR, head cover, water bottles, day pack.

I just resealed my tent seams the other day, but if you haven't done that in a while, get some sealer and do it when you first set up or in the morning of the first day.


If you don't have a tarp for under your tent, bring several trash bags - enough to have under the tent and extend a few inches out. Helps if it rains.


I heard that they'll have yoga mats - so not sure you need to bring. I always bring my thermarest - even to hotels.


Presume you'll bring a flashlight.

A bowl or tupper for food. A small knife in sheath.

A great big smile.


Weather check said it might get down to 58 at night. Chilly but hardly freezing ;-)


We're going to have a great time!!!!

Hi guys,


yoga mats will be available, but only for use in yoga studio.


All great suggestions there!

Tent seam sealer ay? hmmm...




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