Hey i just got an email saying i should sign up to attend before the end of january, but i already sent in the questionnaire to volunteer- does it take awhile to hear back if you are accepted as a volunteer?

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yes, we will only ask you to make volunteer deposit payment after you are accepted into work exchange.

If you would like to secure the January admission fee for regular participants in case you are not accepted into Work Exchange, you can do so by setting up a payment plan before February 1.


Will you get a notification even if you didn't get approved as a volounteer? 

Much love


Im wondering the same thing! 

Everyone will be notified of their status hopefully by the end of March.

What's the status on this?

My e-mail said the volunteer selection process would be completed by April.

Today is the last day of April.


I'm dying to know! :) 

Hi Haakon,

Unfortunately, the volunteer selection process got more complex then we thought it would be, and we might be accepting some new volunteers all the way through the summer, as we might get more spots or some volunteers might decide to cancel. That's why we are not going to email everyone personally that they didn't get accepted (since they still might get accepted).

Another reason is that we got over 100 work exchange applications, and it would be very time consuming to email everyone.

So, if you didn't get contacted by our Work Exchange Dep. yet, then you now have less chances to be selected, because we got most of our crew already.

You can also email WoodstockFruitFestivalTeam@gmail.com to see where your application stands.




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