Hi team!

Can I open up a space for the V-team to share our travel plans for getting to and fro the festival?  Paulina and I will probably be driving out Thursday Aug 13 late morning from Dobbs Ferry NY.  We could have space for another 1 or 2 of the V-team.  What are your plans?

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Yes! Right now Me, Carl and Amanda Valter are in. I have space for 1 more person :D :D Dobbs Ferry is super close to NYC. Also, the trip up to WFF from DF passes through Albany if anyone wants a lift from there. 

I'll be arriving to New York City August 13th ! If anyone knows how I can get from NYC to Diamond Point on the 13th please pass on the info! I'm willing to car pool, take a bus, whatever! Please help :) 

Hey Pricilla, you can ride with us if you want! 

Oh yay! That sounds so great! I will definitely be compensating don't worry! :D

Can you send me a message with your name so we can keep in touch? 305-613-7014


I'll be arriving in NYC on Sunday (14) and was planning on staying there a couple of days. Is anyone gonna be in NYC that can give me a ride?

Hello! this is HINAKO ;) i will be flying in to JFK from Japan on the 17th in the morning. i would LOVE to get a ride from NYC (probably queens) to the site, or from albany bus stop to the site on the 18th (or the 17th). Anybody???  

Is there anyone I could catch a ride with?  I am flying into albany on the 18th at 9 am and out of albany on the 29th at 7pm!:)




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