Hey everyone:)
I'm from germany and I would like to travel a bit before the festival (thought about 2 weeks before the festival starts). I thought about chicago, boston ore sth else....
Anybody who wants to join me?
Have a great time:)

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Hi Helena, 

My best friend and I are planning to explore New York City for a week before the festival. If you happen to be in the city at that time, you are more than welcome to join us! 


Hey Emily,

Things have changed and I´ll also explore NY City with a friend of mine the week before the festival. Maybe we cann all meet up one afternoon or so ?

Love, Helena

Yes! That sounds like a wonderful idea! :)

I usually go to NYC a little before the festival also, and stay a while afterward. There are usually awesome get-togethers we festival folks organize for both those times, but mostly afterward. It's a sort of unofficial extension of the festival! I'd love to meet up with you guys, so I'll write directly to you both.

Oh cool, that sounds great! Unfortunately I don't have time afterwards....But maybe all of us can meet up before the festival




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