So me and my fiancee have decided we're going to be driving to Camp Walden. Our car is fairly small (2012 Honda Civic) so we could comfortably fit 2 people with baggage. 

We live in Newmarket so if you live in Newmarket/ Aurora/ Richmond hill we can pick you up. If not, we will figure something out. :)

Let me know.


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I was thinking of possibly flying into Toronto as it's a lot cheaper. How long is the drive from Toronto? Were you planning on doing the drive in one day? I don't do well with long car rides but sounds like it may be a good option.

Thanks, Dareios

Sorry for the late reply. It'll take about 7.5 - 9 hours to get there. We are planning on driving early Sunday morning in one day and most likely take a couple stops here and there for bathroom breaks or stretching etc.

I have a ride there already from Montreal, but it's great to see some other travellers from the Toronto area (my home base). :)

Hi there Joseph. 

I am interested in a ride from Toronto if it is still available.

Excuse my late response, it took me a while to organize for this trip. I'm more west by Mississauga, but would be able to stay downtown the night before. I would pitch in for gas as well :) 



Phone: 581-234-2896

Hey do you still have a spot available? 




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