We are a group of visionaries with a strong desire and determination to change this world. Me and my sister have started the project Remaking the future (http://www.remakingthefuture.com/index.html)  with an aim to gather as much like minded people with different skills and knowledge as possible.

We have made short video called Remaking The Future (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg8dpRv7sH4) that is telling a story of a humankind. It is a reflection of today's society and the impact of the system we live in on our everyday lives. We have built our entire lives on a system that enslaved us in every aspect of our lives. The consequences are obvious. More and more people are getting sick every day, we are exploiting natural resources and animals in the name of our own "welfare" and heading straight to hell we are creating on Earth, with every minute it passes by. People now are in greater pain than ever before. We see misery, depression, passiveness, pain, self-destruction, apathy, ignorance and lifelessness everywhere around us. But there is a way out of all of this. There is a solution that is so simple, yet undeniably powerful. We are trying to encourage people to take action and use this solution to change their lives on better in every aspect of their lives. We have already took the first step and changed our lives in ways you couldn't even imagine. Now we want to help other people and create possibility for you to be able to take this step.

Check out our video to see what will be our first contribution to the project Remaking the future. Andplease share this email, our video and our message with all of your friends, family, colleges,...And if you like our projects and would like to see more of these kind of educational and inspirational videos, please check out our website www.remakingthefuture.com and donate.

We appreciate your time and help! :D

See ya at Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013 ;)!

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