Price is for sleeping etc aswell? anyone going to be in New York for longer then 8 days?


Im thinking of going to the festival. But since im gonna be traveling from Norway i want to be away for a litle more then 8 days since its a loong flight. Would be great to hang out with someone thats going to stay longer in New York or are going to another place to stay there for a while. Would be great.

Im 25 male that loves sports, nature and fruit :)

Also the price for the festival include sleep aswell?

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Dear Superhuman ♥

The price for the festival includes lodging, unlimited fruit & veggies buffet, and all on-site activities.



Thank you :D

Hey Yulia, different location this year so people still need to bring their tent or is it a massive dorm style location?

Can we move the entire festival to Australia so I can cycle there? ;)

Hi Superhuman,
I think im going to the festival ! I would like to stay for a few more days in NY or any other place.

Im 26 male Raw Vegan from Hong Kong thats loves nature ,fruit&vegs and exercises!



Cool. How long are you planning to stay? like how long will your vacation be? and any place you want to go to ?

umm.. i wanna stay as long as possible, coz the plane ticket cost isnt cheap. i would like to try out the raw restaurant in NY and local in season fruits :D

i dont have any plans yet, any good suggestion?


Me 2 i want to stay as long as possible because its a very long trip and its not cheap :) so i want to get the most out of it. Hmm im not really sure i have never been to US before so i dont have any clue whats good there. I would just love to travel to great destinations where i can get good fruit and alot of nature so we can do alot of activities etc. I dont mind traveling to another place aswell after the woodstock

how about going to US earlier instead of staying after the festival? i have a friend would like to go with me with her daughter. we can have some fun together! i also never been to new york, i have no clue whats good either. no worries we still have time to check it out and plan for it.

we have to find out where we going to live? and where we going? and what's your budget? i have no budget at this time.

do you have msn?

tell me what do you think, any other state you wanna travel?

and i found a great place for us to live in NY: 

great, i dont have any budget at the moment aswell i just want to use as litle money as possible while getting the best experience possible :) is my msn to chat but not the e-mail i use. I use skype aswell if thats better for you

I'm travelling up from Australia so I'll definitely be staying more than eight days! Perhaps another week...

i'm also wanting to stay at least another week after the festival. i would love to see more of new york  let me know if i can join and the plans!!??





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