Next year I'd seriously liked the option to choose to pay less but take care of the food by myself.

Its the most basic thing to eat enough and well on your holiday. If you wanna enjoy it that is.

I wanna be sure and rather buy it in that little village just beside.

Anybody feels like me?

A lot of people was unhappy with the food but not a lot here wants to speak about it.

Makes me feel like a disgruntled customer. :)

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Good point. I second that.

Hey George!... on a side note, I can't wait for WFF next year and will bring (just in case dates) but also heading to Thailand in April/may for Grants retreat... If it's viable, it'd be great to catch up & see u there!:)

Miss u Helen! x

If you're worried about not having enough food you can always bring some of your own dates for extra calories. 
I'd never rely on someone else to take care of my food 100% and I plan on bringing a whole case of dates for myself. I take them everywhere with me!




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