Next year I'd seriously liked the option to choose to pay less but take care of the food by myself.

Its the most basic thing to eat enough and well on your holiday. If you wanna enjoy it that is.

I wanna be sure and rather buy it in that little village just beside.

Anybody feels like me?

A lot of people was unhappy with the food but not a lot here wants to speak about it.

Makes me feel like a disgruntled customer. :)

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Can you propose the method? I think as we did see still this year some people kind of hoarded certain fruits when they became available.. I think this would happen more so if people were choosing when to take certain fruits ripe or unripe. We really did try our best to wait until they were ripe and ration the pace that we put out the fruits. So, kind of opposite as to what you think I think we would have to ask and i might be willing to also that is.. pay more to handle the fruit by ourselves. Being available to take unripe fruits and gauge when to eat them ourselves, and how much of which fruits we'd like.

-Kitchen volunteer 2012

I know how hard it can be, next to impossible, to provide tons of ripe fruit for a specific week so Im not blaming the organizors. Just saying that next year you still have the risk of not being able to provide ripe and the kind of fruits that everybody likes.

One solution could be carpooling to Bolton Landing (about 4 miles).

A lot of people comes by car so we can just split the gas and buy up for two or three days of ripe fruit per person. Or the organizors could hire a little van for a week for those who dont like the choice of fruits of a specific day and prefer to help themselves out from Bolton.

I think that option would be available for anyone that has a vehicle. The option of paying less and figuring out weather people do what they say they are going to do would become a big issue also, imagine 100 people see the less payment option and think oh i can bring some fruit and buy some with those carpools and then don't and the festival suffers because they stay and only eat the fruit provided while a portion still does go to town for buying their own fruit.

I know there should be a lot more prepared ripe fruits next year, I believe bananas will be brought in prior to the festival so they can ripen in time, also mangos and possibly papayas. That would be a medium sized difference.

The more we converse the better we can understand the situation, I'm in no position to say that we can't do what your asking just providing a counter argument since I know the organizers are not likely to reply soon or at all on these discussion boards. Emailing would be a better bet to get to the people in charge, this area is more of public area. :)

Guys the main issue is money, as it usually is...

If we had an extra $10,000. we would have been able to hire trucks a week ahead of time and gone from wholesaler to wholesaler (with 2-3 extra people working full time too, with CDL truck license) to shop for perfectly ripe fruit.  We didn't have the funding so we had to rely on wholesalers telling us the fruit was ripe etc, or we couldn't get everything we wanted or it just didn't show up on the trucks when they arrived (as in the medjool dates).

But also think for a minute when you go to buy fruit for yourself at any location, how much of the fruit is perfectly ripe when you buy it?  Perfectly ripe fruit is sometimes for an 8 hour period, then it starts to go bad... Usually we buy fruit at various stages of ripeness because it's the only option.  A regular supermarket is not going to have all ripe fruit at the moment you want it.  This is never going to be possible for all the diversity we want to have at one time.

The bananas and dates in 2012 were the biggest issue, b/c the wholesalers 'think' that yellow bananas are 'ripe' but as we know, that's not the case.  They sold us saying 'yes, they are 100% ripe NOW' and it wasn't true...  

The dates never got on the truck we're told, and that was a huge loss for everyone, but until we have our own trucks and staff we're at the mercy of these kinds of issues.  

For 2013 we will correct most all serious issues, as we're hell bent on making sure we have at least 2 teams of trucks buying the week before and the week during the event, it's going to cost a ton of money but it's the only way to improve the situation.  With a much bigger attendance we'll be able to afford this improvement, and of course need it.

Buying produce in Bolton would be very expensive and you won't need to consider this for 2013, problems will be solved.

Thanks Michael for the input, that explains it better!

I saw around 100 different types of fruit and veg and I never missed a meal. I didnt get to eat my preferred 30-50 bananas a day staple but Im used to that when travelling so much anyways.

Based on aussie organic melon prices I got thru around 200$ a day worth of melon at WFF. 

Freelee & I put on a week retreat 3 years ago for around 10 people. It was in tropical Australia and we literally have the best contacts around but we struggled to find enough ripe fruit and if it wasnt for Rob bringing in a few hundred kg of his famous jakfruit it would have become a famine zone. Fruit heads are already thin enough typically.

Sourcing ripe fruit for 400 people for an entire week with unlimited meal times...I never thought it could be possible until I went to WFF this year. Yeah we didnt all have our individual first preferences but none of us skipped a meal. Even when I walk into Wholefoods with my wallet loaded I have preferences and I rarely get em but I never walk out under caloried. Every time I walked into the dining hall it was like walking into wholefoods. I didnt know what I would find but I knew I would meet my caloric needs upon exiting.

The only place on earth you could do a full on 'always ripe,always ready, whatever tropical fruit you want' festival would be Chanthaburi Thailand cos you could literally put 1000$ in someones hand and say 'go find me a literall tonne of ripe mangoes for tomorrow and they ALL need to be perfectly ripe!'. The extreme humid weather and travel logistics would make it a turn off for most however. The venue at WFF is as good as I could imagine.

You could have a fruit festival in Australia but it would be consisting mostly of dates and they would be from California lol!

I am pumped to go next year I know its gonna be off the charts!

I definitely don't want to pay less and "handle food myself" the reason I'm going is because its going to be like Harley said

If people want to go somewhere for the purest local fresh ripe fruit experience then go to Chanthaburi Thailand from May to August and rent out a condo on one of the fruit farms there. No city on earth has more quality, cheap, variety, sugar, warmth in regards to fruit. 

If you want the only place in the world where hundreds of like minded fruit nutters meet up and share tools for life then its Woodstock Fruit Festival fo sure. 

"hundreds of like minded fruit nutters"- that's whats UP!

chantaburi someday for sure though for surre

Thanks for the tip, Harley! ♥


For a long time raw-vegan, no doubt, its easier to adapt to any kind of fruits but for newbies I think its more important to be able to get the ripe fruits of their choice when they're starting out on the diet. And there were and there will probably still be a lot of newbies at the WFF.

This Chanthaburi Thailand sounds like paradise, definitely must check it out one of these days.The rent must be cheaper also then in Bangkok I guess. Thanks for the advice, Harley!

I don't want to make a complaint about the food at all, but wanted to say that it would be good if we could keep it as a fruit festival rather than a durian festival, which I felt it was a bit this year. many thanks




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