Is anyone driving from Toronto and have room in their car, willing to pay for my spot--Thank you!

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hey Sam, sorry I've been so behind with replying to messages! Do you have any updated plans for driving out? Still haven't decided where I'll fly into, but if I can get a ride from toronto  that would be great! 

No worries at all!  There's a thread about people driving in from Montreal!  Check that one out!  A girl named Jessie I think said she had some spots. : )

I know I was just hoping to fly into Toronto cuz it's a lot cheaper.

Well, it costs about $40 to take a bus from Toronto to Montreal, it's about a 6 hr drive tho (if you don't mind spending that time travelling from Toronto to Montreal).  That's what I'm doing, using this website : .  If Jessie still has a spot in her car, she may also let you stay at her place or be able to recommend some cheap places to stay if you arrive a day early, for instance. :)

I have a vehicle to drive from Buffalo to the WFF. I will be leaving Sunday morning the 21st. I have talked to Felicia Mathews and could still take note people. My phone number is 402-643-5056. This is a Nebraska phone number but I work in Buffalo.
I am driving from Buffalo NY Sunday morning. I have one other passenger so far. My phone number is 402-643-5056. Please leave a message on voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as I can. My phone does not work every where.

Hey! I'm also wanting to come from Toronto area. Does anyone have a seat available? Thanks:)




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