Is anyone driving from Toronto and have room in their car, willing to pay for my spot--Thank you!

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I am!

Thank you, I sent you a private message to follow up :)

Hey I didn't get the PM for some reason! =)

I sent it again :)

Thanks just sent you a PM! : )

Hi, do you have any more room? I'm in Bflo, thanks, feel free to call, Felicia

Thanks Felicia!!  What area of Buffalo are you in (roughly!)?  =D  Still coordinating seats.  I have a car that seats 5... if we all pack lightly we should be able to fit 4 people, it'd just be tight with baggage, etc.  =D

Would I be able to join as well? How long is the drive from Toronto?

Hi.....I'm in Bflo, any chance you still have room?
Feel free to call 541-671-6821. Felicia

Just sent you a PM.

Without stopping it's about 7 hours from Union Station in Toronto to Camp Walden in Upstate NY.  Are you going to be flying in from Vancouver, by any chance (noticed that that's where you live, on your profile page)? :)

Dareios!  I lost access to my car, so I can't drive us down anymore, although I may rent if people are willing to split costs, or do a ride share with multiple people through commuteo.  Thoughts?




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