Looking for a Ride to WFF Aug 20 or Aug 21 from Ramsey, NJ (Near EWR/NYC)

Hi everyone!  I will be giving a talk on the evening of Aug 19th in Ramsey NJ.   On the 20th or 21st I will need a ride to WFF.  Anyone headed that direction?  It will be me and my girlfriend and a few bags.  Thanks!

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Im driving up from Florida, looks like I will be going right through Ramsey on my way up. It would be the 21st. I will be by myself,plenty of room for both of you

hi tyler, that would be great. Do you know what time abouts you will be driving thru on the 21st?

It's hard to tell, it depends how far I make it Saturday.probably around 11am
Give me a call (239)537-5921 and we can figure out the details
I'm assuming your no longer going. I don't want to leave you behind if you still are going. My phone is broke, so my number changed. It's (239)2907927. Can you just let me know either way




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