Perhaps we could set up a time where anyone who has relocated to the tropics can share their experiences of Immigration/Visa, culture shock, weather/climate, wildlife, real estate, shopping, health care, infrastructure, diseases/vaccinations, etc etc...

I for one would like some first hand accounts of what it was like!  Of course that depends on whether someone who has moved would be motivated to leave their home... :)

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Brilliant... Hope :-)

I would totally appreciate hearing this conversation .. particularly about Thailand.  I'm not much interested in south of the border.  Wonderful idea ... hope it happens!

I just continue to stay in amstelveen, the netherlands. Good enough fruits, nice easy life in a decent stable and peaceful country. Cycling is great here too, Harley. Massages probably will be more expensive. We got the chance to live in india last year, but sun and fruits arent the only ingredients for a happy life!

I would definitely be interested in hearing more about rural Thailand at the fruit festival.  Looking forward to meeting you all!




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