Hi! I've had my Vitamix for about a year now, and the container is not sparkling clear like when I first got it. How do you guys keep your Vitamix clean??? I don't know if it's our hard water, if it's mineral deposits, or if fruit and veggies leave a residue that won't come off. What do you guys think?

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If I use a scrubby pad and a little soap everything seems to come off easy enough. :D I've had some coloured walls on my blendtec from carob n such things even just bananas when I leave them in the blender for a while discolour it a lot. Maybe a bunch of elbow grease too? :)

Good morning and thank you for contacting Vitamix Corp. We recommend the following daily and monthly cleaning steps as follows:

1) After each use rinse the container thoroughly with warm water not hot.
2) Place 2-3 cups of warm water in the container with 1 drop of dishwashing detergent.
3) Lock the lid with the lid plug in place.
4) Start the machine with the left switch on variable and the center dial at #1. Take the center dial from #1 to #10 and then flip the left switch on HIGH.
5) Run this for 30-60 seconds.
6) Pour content out and rinse thoroughly.
7) Turn upside down and let air dry.

Monthly or deep cleaning steps:

Place 4 cups of cool water with 4 cup of white vinegar in container and let soak for about 4 hours. Then follow steps 3-7.


Place 3 cups of cool water with 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach in the container and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Then follow steps 3-7.

We do not recommend that the container or lid be placed in the dishwasher as this may harm the o-rings, gaskets and dry out the key components. This information is covered in your Owner’s Manual. The bottom of the container can be submerged in water, we do not recommend soaking the container or letting it stand in water.

I have had mine for about 1 year also.  It is very stained bc of daily 'Sacred Green Smoothies'.  I am going to try and clean it with some 'Bi-Carbonate Soda' and a gentle scrubbing pad.  I am not a fan of using soap.  Will see how it goes ..  ;)

I tried wire woll but it only skratched the surface, so now is it worse than ever.



Thank you for all the input! I did the deep cleaning that was recommended by Jason with the vinegar and letting it soak. It took off some of the residue, but not all of it. I put elbow grease into it too with a non-scratch pad which helped take a little more off. I think I'll try a little bleach next and see what happens. I hate to use bleach because it is so toxic BUT... I don't know what else to do. I never should have let it build up like this to begin with. But honestly, it was all so gradual I really didn't notice until now. Oh, I just noticed that Lee said to use baking soda, maybe I'll try that. Definitely DON'T use a steel wool scrubber like Mats did! That will definitely scratch the plastic and debris will hide out in those grooves and it will be nearly impossible to come clean!!!

I finally got around to cleaning my Vitamix Jug this week with a non-scratch scrubber and Bi-Carbonate Soda along with plenty of elbow grease.  Now my jug is now sparkling like a new pin!  I can now see through the jug again  ;)

The best way to get your Vitamix sparkling without scratching the container is with an inexpensive microfiber cleaning cloth and water. It takes some arm work to rub out all the stains if it's really coated but once it's clean, regular use of the microfiber cloth will keep it clean and shiny. 

this sounds great. thanks!

Our blender jugs get so dirty you can hardly see thru em. I keep my bike clean but not my blender. ;)

Hey Folks, you need to keep something in mind. The very first dyes and inks came from the pigments in plants. Repeated use of the machine with it's cell wall splitting ability is going to release those pigments into the mixture. So, you will experience collection of colors on your container. The same would happen if it was glass, also.

The white vinegar thing helps......maybe add lemon juice, baking soda. Let the baking soda act as a mild abrasive while it runs to help clean.

But.....if you want to do it quick and easy, bleach seems to fit the bill. I do it in a matter of minutes and I rinse it 4 times before using it again, but it comes out as good as it can possibly be and the chemical residue is no worse that what I breathe from the air all day long. ;)

To clean my vitamix when it gets really dirty, I use oxyclean and let it soak inside overnight. at the same time, I soak my ceramic knives in there and gently scrubs and wash it the next day. comes out like new. see for when i do this with a juicer.




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