I've heard a little about people volunteering for a reduced price? Where do we apply for this, and can I still put it in? Definitely unable to afford it for this year but I would looove to help out and work in order to go! :) Thanks for any info. Peace friends.

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Hi Charlotte,

Has your question been answered yet. Let me know, if it has not I will have Anne who is in charge of volunteers answer you.

you can find the general info about volunteering on the FAQ page.

Good luck

Hey Girl!  I'm in the same boat right now.  I applied last year but it fell through.  I've applied this year and I'm waiting to hear if I am in.  I've already started ticket shopping online and founds some great deals!  I am more financially secure now so I am really looking forward to helping out if I get in.  Good luck to you!

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you very much for your interest in Volunteering at this year's Woodstock Fruit Festival.
We only have a few volunteer places available, on the Dining Hall/Produce Team.
This year's Volunteers will get priority for places next year, but we will be needing extra staff as well.
Each year we get many hundreds of applications for our volunteer positions, so sadly we cannot offer positions to everyone who applies.
Because I have already filled most of the positions, there are currently only a few positions left, so realistically at this time, the chances of being selected are very slim.
The main duties on the Dining Hall/Produce Team are caring for our beautiful produce, keeping the Dining Area clean and tidy, and washing the Attendees' bowls, glasses, and utensils.
If you would like to be a volunteer at this year's Festival, you will first need to be a forum member, you can join up here:
Next you will need to register for the forum, making sure you fill in the volunteer section on the registration form:
If you could please let me have any details of your work experience or any information that would help further your application, this would be very much appreciated 
Please can you send any e-mails to do with volunteering to: woodstockfruitfestivalteam@gmail.com.
Volunteers will need to provide a $500 deposit for volunteering, this will be fully refunded after the festival ends if you have fulfilled your work requirements.
There are three different shifts, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, for the Dining Hall/Produce Crew.
Volunteering ensures free entry, camping, access to all activities (when not on your shift) and all food.
All our Volunteers are required to camp next year and provide their own tent and sleeping bag.
Thank you again 
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Wishing you a very Wonderful Day ♥  
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX




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