WFF '13 will be my first year ... I have a cello and a djembe I plan on bringing with me!

Anyone have other instruments they plan on bringing? Perhaps some strings for impromptu ensembles! <3

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Oh yeah...You know there will be some fun drum & jam sessions  by the fire & elsewhere! Can't wait to meet you!! Looking forward to another fun time for sure!!

Be Healthy, Itsy    youtube- fruitfanatic33

howdy!  hoping to bring my rig...piano and stuff...would be great.

youtube me:  vid weatherwax..

drop a hello!!!!

You have a bongo board?!!

Me too.. We should bring 'um and let everyone try them!!

..Though you're coming a long way...You can use mine at the fest!

The fireside drumming is really primal!!   Itsy

yo itsy!

indeed...proud owner of a nice bongo board....had one as a young boy in, upon moving to Colorado, knowing I'd be giving skiing a made sense to get one.

Took a a week of using the kitchen counter to steady myself....i feel quite at home on it now. I bet bongo boards would be a huge hit at WFF.  (we are talking about the same thing right?) Hope you're safe in sound on east side this week. thanks for the message.



Yep!!! Bongo Board! wheel on a track under what looks like a skate board!

We just got our power back here in Pa....We are blessed.. many others in our area still have no power...hopefully it doesn't get too cold. 

Were you at the last Fruit Fest?

yes...we're all hoping you avoid the ice factor....can be brutal...hang loose...good luck....nope i was not at the last FF...just started 80/10/10 on June 1st..and pretty busy getting established musically in Colorado....takes a lot of work and good fortune!  So i'm really working hard, at working, so I can get to wff 2013...i love the 2012 documentary...such happy people....

stay warm!  keep the messages comin'... i have not found any other fruitarian types in the valley here...(the Roaring Fork Valley) love the support and connections on line...real cool... many blessings I. S.!!  om....


Keep playin'! We want to see you at the fest!!

I'll bring my harmonica. I have no idea how to play it though. Anyone wanna teach? :)

I think its key of C.

You might know how to play it by mid-August!! ..I bet You-tube has lessons!!

How fun would that be?!!...Itsy

Yeah!  I'll bring a djembe - maybe a few shekeres and other toys :)

We be Jammin'!




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