Folks, lets discuss anything related to cycling at the 2012 festival in this thread.

The main question is usually "which bike to bring - road or MTB?".

Our main cyclable road nearby is going to be route 9N - paved road along lake George with some gorgeous views:

The road is good, but the shoulder is not that wide, so the rides will have to be mainly in the mornings to avoid much traffic.

Also, just 8 miles away there is an awesome paved dedicated Bikeway (no car trafic at all) going south for about 10 miles to the town of Glen Falls.
Seems like there are no any well-known maintained MTB trails in the area. Although we might have some ridable local hiking trails.
To summarize, if you're planning on taking a bike with you, and you need to choose between road and MTB, then I suggest bringing ROAD bike (hybrid/commuter bike will be fine too).

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FYI There will be dozens of mountain bikes available for use at NO Charge at the festival.  Yet don't expect disc brakes, super high end bikes ;)

Thanks for that Mike n Dennis.

Im gonna bring my road bike.

I'll be bringing my road bike and looking forward to riding with fun folks ... perchance I'll be able to keep up with Durianrider? :)

For sure. We pace the rides so everyone is catered for. :)

This is more about learning basic cycling 101 regardless of our skill level vs an all out smash fest on the bikes and not really learning anything.

That sounds perfect to me ... I'm up for learning more!  Thanks :)

Cycling is full of small tips that make ALL the difference.

That sounds great! One reason more to come the festival.

ok, im bringing my road bike.

How do people usually manage the logistics of bringing a bike? I know people come from all over the world, so a lot of people must fly with their bikes, right? Does anyone know which airlines are the most bike friendly or cheapest? We will be coming with our two young kids, so we need our own bikes as opposed to rentals since our bikes are set up to attach to the kids' trailer. From what I've seen though most airlines cost over $100 to transport one bike one way, and that just. Doesn't seem worth it for relatively inexpensive bikes. What does everyone else do?

Varies from airline to a

I got a foldable bike :), so I just put it in the bagage. 


Where are you traveling from? These airlines that I know of that will allow you to fly your bicycle anywhere in the world for free:
Korean Air

Japan Air

Southern China Air

China Air 

All airlines in the U.S and Canada will charge you anywhere from $80-$200 each way to bring your bike. 




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