Heya:)  Just wondering if there's anyone else travelling to WFF all by their lonesome?  This will be my first trip to the U.S.A, let alone the festival and I'm just a 'lil bit scarwed lol

Be cool to meet some fruity peeps beforehand:) <3 Robyn

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US is pretty chill place. Friendlier than Oz I reckon. ;)

Cool nanas;) cheers Harley- yeah I get along with everyone so shouldn't have too many probs- cant wait to meet everyone!!! Yippeeee:D
Whats to be scared of? The USA is a safe place except for certain neighborhoods, in select cities. NYC has gotten safer than it was in the past, and if you are just going from the airport to the festival I cant see any issues... Regarding safety...

Hey Jeremy:) thanks for the reply mate- I guess "scared" was probably the wrong word as more intimidated is the correct one- It's always a little bit intimidating and exciting going to a country you havent visited before- Im MEGA excited too dont worry! but just was putting the feelers out to see if others were travelling alone and perhaps wanted to meet beforehand;)


I will be travelling from Canada alone. Where are you heading from? I know it can seem scary, but just plan ahead it will make it less intimidating. :)


Cheers Christina:) planning def underway;) Im heading over from Australia- first trip to America so yeah intimidated and V excited at the same time;) sooo happy that im able to make the festival!Yay!

Im still wondering what is imtimidating, ha... Maybe Im just too familiar ... You are just going from the airport to the beautiful country side right? I think preparations are really only needed if you spend time in NYC, you should talk to someone if that is the case
You know what might be an idea is organizing a bus or vanpool also.... I think you will feel welcome, the americans will be some of the friendly of us there... I mean I guess I am biased again....

Cool cheers! I'll look into it;)

Hi Robyn and Christina 

I too will be attending the festival alone - we should talk and meet up!

so, we have one Aussie girl, one Canadian and then me!  (Irish - based in London UK) I'm sure we will be fine...I'm sooo excited!

Sounds awesome Sinead!:)) there's another chick from London also, Jenee, who is keen to join us also! we could nearly all share a cab from NY out to the fest n share the fare! 
Its a four hour ride from jfk, probably cheaper to get a car rental or van rental, because im sure a ny taxi would be outrageous to get there and back, im not sure what taxi would be available out in the sticks to return. Perhaps arranging a bus, would be in order, I may be interested as i may to to NYC just before. I think a taxi would be difficult. If we got enough interest we may be able to charter a bus. I think even an eight day rental would be cheaper and easier than a cab, but thats just my guess... Split a few ways.




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