Heya:)  Just wondering if there's anyone else travelling to WFF all by their lonesome?  This will be my first trip to the U.S.A, let alone the festival and I'm just a 'lil bit scarwed lol

Be cool to meet some fruity peeps beforehand:) <3 Robyn

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Ahh ok- thought it was only 1 hr but that's from Albany airport- cheers Jeremy, I'm sure we'll figure something out;)

right, still getting a taxi back may or may not be an issue, just be sure to call them in advance...


I believe there is going to be somesort of bus transportation arranged from albany to the festival. It's listed under FAQ ~> 2012 directions. I think we still have to pay, but at least we won't have to worry about arranging it. I'm travelling by greyhound though, not air. A bit cheaper for me, but a heck of a lot longer, lol.

Hope that helps.



That sounds great. It would be nice to semi-know some people there.


Awesome!! It'll be cool to meet either in Albany or NY;) I'll be flying into NY then probably jumping on the bus to albany-  So be cool to catch the bus together maybe?


Yeah that sounds great. It would be nice to have someone to talk with. :)

Hi Robyn & Christina!

UK girl here, living in NJ and going to the festival alone.  I'm driving myself as of now, and was going to offer a ride share, but maybe we could coordinate so I could drive the five of us together?  

It would be brilliant to get to know some people before we get to New York, and make that drive go a lot faster.  

Let me know if you and the other girls are interested and we'll make it happen!


Hey Anna! Thats so generous of u! So if the girls are keen it'll be you, Lori, Christina, Sinead and myself road-trippin!:) sounds like fun!!

Hi Robyn,  

Sounds great!  Going to add you as a friend, and if you want to direct the other girls my way and I'll add them too....

Road Trip!


I am traveling alone too, would love to meet up with you and take the bus.  Yuliya told me that the WFF plans to have several buses one from Albany Airport at 12pm and 3pm, and 2 from Grand Central at 12pm and 3pm.  I have not booked my ticket yet but I am thinking of flying into NY since it is a bit cheaper.  Let me know your airport and arrival time and I will see if I can coordinate so that we can meet up. 

Hey Lori!:) Great to meet ya!  Im flying into NY in the evening of the 16th;) be checkin out the sites and then on the 19th (hopefully) car-pooling or taking the bus to Albany to meetup with others and then onward to woodstock;)  Just trying to work out details at the mo as to what everyone elses plans are and where everyone can meet up etc.;)

Looks like I am going to be flying in to Albany after all.  Going to be there on the 19th so if you want to meetup, let me know.  I may be meeting up with some other folks as well.  Also if you or anyone needs to stay the night there I would be willing to share a room.  Let me know. 




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