2014 Highlights


Image 1 UNLIMITED Tropical & Local Fruit
Get ready to try everything from rare exotics to the most fantastic locally grown summer produce!
Image 2 Lectures and Presentations by the Leaders of the Natural Health Movement!
There are awesome health lectures everyday presented by our extremely knowledgeable pioneers. Come and learn vital information on health and all its aspects with over 6o lectures and presentations. Come expand your knowledge and have your questions answered!
Raising Healthy Children Workshop with Karen Ranzi
Karen Ranzi, a vegetarian for 44+ years, a 22 year low fat raw vegan, and a mother of two children raised raw vegan, will be sharing her insights based on her research and experience of working with thousands of families all over the world.
This year an extensive Q & A discussion on raising healthy children and teenagers will be included.
Image 3 Waterfront Activities
Pristine Adirondack waters collect at the shores of Trout Lake, come swim and play in the clean natural water with your friends. From Avalanche a 15 foot Inflatable Waterslide, Beach Volleyball and Tetherball, Iceberg a 14 foot Water Climbing Wall, Swimming,Water Mats, Water Trampoline with the Blob Aquabounce, Kayaking, Canoeing, Knee-Boarding, Paddleboating and a lot more.
Image 4 -Rave and Club Nights!
This is FruitStock! Bring your funky outfits, LED lights, whistles and glow in the dark clothes! We’re going to have a party! A few alternate evenings will be lit up with laser, fog machines and serious dance music. Who says that fruit doesn’t create mood and mind altering experiences!
-Festival Campfire!
After you scarfed down your fruits and veggies head down to the lake to enjoy the nightly bonfire. Laugh, sing and dance or just relax by the fire. Every night can have a different vibe depending on who shows up from tribal music, to acoustic guitar, or just listening and enjoying the warmth of the crackling fire. Enjoy the good company of the amazing people who attend the festival each year.
Image 6 High Rope Course, Wall Climbing, Zip Line, and a Giant Swing!

Challenge yourself on the ropes course high above up in the trees, don’t worry you’ll be on a safety line. Great way to practice your fruit tree climbing skills :) - Wall Climbing
Climb on the huge wall and conquer your fears with friends cheering you on!
Yahoo!!! Fly through the air on the Zip Line! You are going to have FUN at the Woodstock Fruit Festival!
Image 8 After filling yourself with fruit there is full of different sports you can play with friends: Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Ping Pong, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Tennis, Roller hockey, basketball.
No need to bring equipment the camp is fully equipped!
Dr. Sam Essential Exercise Classes with Dr.Samuel Mielcarski!
"Movements you need to master" and "Corrective strategies and injury prevention" exercise classes are a must for everyone and compliments Dr. Sam's awesome lectures on posture and movement. DR.Sam will go over the key exercise movements that we should all master for core strength and function for are everyday lives and for improving our fitness. Sam will also cover common mistakes and exercises that are counter productive and potentially dangerous. You will learn simple keys that will be able to make you stronger and more functional.

Dr.Sam will demonstrate the movement correctly, then attendees will perform the exercise, followed by feedback and adjustments if needed. If you think you know how to do a simple pushup correctly you will be most likely surprised. These classed are for all levels of fitness as Sam will show how to adapt the exercises for any level with simple corrections or using inexpensive aids. Don't miss these informative classes from which you can build the foundation of your fitness!
Image 12 Kendalini & Raw Power Yoga with Chris Kendall
Kendalini yoga blends the Powerful Expanding movements and Breath Work of Kundalini yoga (considered the King of all yogas, focused entirely on raising ones Kundalini Energy upward along the Chakra's for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment) with the Tibetan Rights, Power yoga and Good old Tomfoolery fun n Sillyness.
Seeing the Sacred in everything Kendalini promises Chi expansion every time.
Raw power yoga is simply Flow with Brawn, think Athletes Yoga Plus!
Flowing from pose to pose with the breath bringing in elements of calisthenics n Kendalini fun, expect to sweat and get a great workout! Weeeeee!
Image 13 Support Group Discussion led by Michael Arnstein
Michael has been involved in '12-step' support group therapy for almost 20 years. He will lead an open group discussion related to the topics of food addiction, social stigma, eating disorders and other challenges that individuals face on a fruit based diet in today's society. The goal of this support group is for attendees to have a place to share and communicate with others who face similar challenges.
Image 15 Our Head Raw Food Chef Alicia Ojeda will prepare a gourmet Raw Vegan Dinner and Salad Buffet every evening.
So After having your fill of fruit get in line for Alicia's exquisite raw meals:). Alicia will whip a huge batch of scrumptious Raw food to feed the masses every night.
Image 16 Edible Makeup Class - Learn How to Create a Fresh and Fruity Face Without Using Conventional Makeup. with Megan Elizabeth McDonnell
This class will include a raw makeup demo and cover why it's so important to avoid using conventional makeup and standard beauty products. We will also take a look at some alternative options to those products that will help us stay clean and beautiful without causing harm to ourselves, animals, and the environment.
Image 18 Salads and Salad Dressings with Mike Vlasaty
Mike will prepare some of his all time favorite fast and simple salads and salad dressings, including Jerusalem Salad, Mexican Lasagna, MV's Secret Sauce, and more
Image 19 Meditation is a personal experience.
The experience itself cannot be taught; it happens over time, sometimes a very, very long time.
Yet, there is a variety of techniques that make meditation easier to realize: focusing on the breath, scannning the body for physical sensations, using mantra, or observing your thoughts and attempting to neither attach nor avert from them.
From our perspective, all of these techniques are valid and can be explored to see what works for you and your unique personality.

Practitioners of various meditation techniques are invited to join together for a a quiet, peaceful, and meditative start of your Woodstock Fruit Festival day.

On most days there will be a guided meditation offering - either live or recorded - to help those who don't have an established technique.

Group meditation is effective when each person contributes to an atmosphere of peaceful stillness. The following guidelines list some positive actions you can take to help create a meditative environment for everyone.

• Please arrive by 7:20am to allow sufficient time to settle into a comfortable position on a cushion or a chair.
• Meditation session will start promptly at 7:30am and finish at 8:30am. Please do not enter or leave the meditation hall during the Meditation Session from 7:30am to 8:30am.
• During meditation do your best to remain quiet and still and minimize any noise or movements that can distract others.
• If you choose to bring your cell phone or other electronic device, please make sure that it's in silent mode.

Please bring a cushion, a blanket, or a camp chair to sit on, and wear loose, soft, comfortable clothing.
Limited number of yoga mats and folding chairs will be available.
Image 20 Slow-Flow Vinyasa Yoga with Ellen Livingston
The movements are slow in Vinyasa yoga, and you deepen the breath and slow the breathing rate. By keeping the mind focused on the controlled breath, which leads the movements, you can progress safely and without injury. A state of steady awareness is cultivated, and from this place you can access your natural inner state of peace and joy. Guided meditation and philosophy is included.
Image 25 Power Lifting with Mike Vlasaty!
Come train with Mike and learn the proper training techniques to heavy lifting. If you want to get stronger Mike will show you how. So come have some fun pumping iron!.
Image 27 Fruit Festival Talent Show!
Whatever your talent is: singing, dancing, juggling, telling jokes, playing an instrument, or gymnastics, come and share it with the rest of the Woodstock Crew for an evening of skills, thrills and plenty of fun :)
Image 28 Speed Dating!
So you’re looking for that special someone?
Well here’s your chance! Get ready to test your first impression skills at The Woodstock Fruit Festival Speed-Dating event! Summer camp for adults can be just as exciting as your first kiss! Maybe you’ll meet the partner of your dreams! or maybe you will just make more friends! Whatever happens, Speed-Dating is fun, and fast! Your host Victoria Arnstein claims to have a PhD in dating and will help you all break the ice and follow some speed-dating rules that will help you make your best first impressions!
So grab some durian, or whatever you need to get you in the mood, and don’t forget your smile for some heart racing fun! Sign Up Now - Places Are Limited!
Image 29 Advanced swimming around Trout Lake
An avid swimmer and outdoors lover, Evan will lead and guide an advanced group swim workout along the perimeter of Trout Lake. Bring your goggles and be ready to for a 30+ minute group swim. Space is limited so sign up ahead.
Image 30 Mud!!Need I say more
You'll have the chance to slather mud all over your body or your friends :)
To all who had mothers who said not to play in the mud this is your opportunity! Mud is an excellent way to exfoliate and detoxify your skin leaving it silky smooth. If eating this diet did not make you stand out enough, walking around like a big grey smurf might get you some attention! so slap it on :)
Image 32 Ride the Bike Track
New to Camp Walden is the addition of a new bike track. Use your own bike or one of the free bikes at the camp. Its a and total blast!
Image 34 Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course
If the ropes, climbing walls and zip lines at Camp Walden isn’t enough for you, Adirondack Extreme Adventure is a world class facility very close to Camp Walden.
Check out their website at AdirondackExtreme.com if you want to live like a monkey for a day!
Please note, that this is an optional off-site activity not included in the festival fee.

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